Waring Pro Professional Vacuum Sealer System Review

Are you looking for an affordable but effective way to seal food and maintain their freshness? You’ve probably seen a number of vacuum sealers online, all claiming to offer the best sealing protection out there.

Of course, you know that these vacuum sealers – like all kitchen appliances – are not made equally, with some better than others. The Waring Pro PVS1000 is one vacuum sealer that’s generated a lot of attention. But is the PVS1000 as good as advertised?

That’s where this review can help. Here we will take a look at the PVS1000 features, how it works and the design. We will examine its major features and answer the most common questions about the product.

If you’re going to buy a vacuum sealer you need to learn as much about the product as possible.

One of the reasons why a lot of people make mistakes when purchasing is not doing enough research or there’s not enough info online they can turn to.

Well if you’re interested in the PVS1000 and want to find out if it’s a good buy or not, then read on. We will cover all the details so by the end you will be a more informed buyer.

Things Need To Consider


The Pro PVS1000 Pistol is aptly named as you handle it like one. The design is fully ergonomic so you’ll feel comfortable even if you seal several bags.

The materials used for the PVS1000 are high grade, and it’s one of the more comfortable kitchen appliances you’ll hold.

The unit is made of two parts: the pistol which is used to vacuum seal the bags and the stand, which houses the charging port.

The front nozzle is used to suction air out and generate a vacuum. The lower part includes the trigger which pushes air out off the bag.

The handle holds the battery and if the power is running low, use the charging stand to recharge and it will good to go.

Overall, the PVS100 has a solid design, one that combines precision, ease of use and function. Compared to other units in the market the PVS1000 is unique.

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How Does it Work?

The PVS1000 uses a simple but effective mechanism to vacuum seal food and maintain their freshness.

All you need to do is put the foods you want to preserve in the bags (a dozen one-gallon bags and another dozen 1-quart bags are included) and use the ziplock to secure each one.

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Once you have packed each one, get the PVS1000 and place the nozzle in the valve. Press the trigger and the PVS1000 starts sucking the air out of the bag.

When the air has been taken out, remove the nozzle. That’s it, you’re done. Now you just need to store the bag in the fridge or freezer.

As you can see the process is quick and easy. All you need to do is repeat the steps above and you’re never going to have to worry about the state of your favorite food.

Maintenance and Storage

The PVS1000 is known for being easy to use and is just as efficient when it comes to storage and maintenance.

The compact size (4.2 x 11.9 x 10.8 inches) means the PVS1000 is not going to take up a lot of space on your kitchen countertop.

This is good news if you’ve got a lot of appliances there already fighting for space. Once you’re done using the PVS1000, just set it aside until it is ready for use next time.

The PVS1000 parts are removable so it’s easier to clean. You just need to separate the two main parts and clean them with a damp cloth.

Be gentle when cleaning and when it’s dry, put the parts back together again.

When you’re done cleaning, you can put the PVS1000 in a kitchen cabinet or drawer until you’re ready to use it again. Since the PVS1000 is light it’s easy to store.


The feedback and customer ratings for the PVS1000 are exceptionally good. Most of the praise has been directed at the ease of use and how convenient it is.

One reviewer says the Waring is more reliable than its counterparts and this is well deserved. As far as usability goes the PVS1000 is hard to match as well.

While the PVS1000 is small it is well-built and its bags are heavy duty. The bags are easy to use and the varying sizes mean you can use them in different ways for different foods.

The bags are dishwasher safe, but if you’re going to reuse it, cleaning with soapy water is recommended.

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The PVS1000 works on mason jars too and you can buy several more bags if the ones that come with the vacuum sealer are not enough.

When you consider its functions, the PVS1000 vacuum sealer scores high in the usability department.


  • The PVS1000 is easy to use, and even first time users won’t have difficulty with it.
  • It comes with two dozen bags, all of which are reusable, saving you time and money.
  • The compact size makes the PVS1000 convenient to use.
  • Compared to others in its range, the PVS1000 is more affordable.
  • A single full charge allows the PVS1000 to vacuum seal up to 30 bags.
  • This vacuum sealer doesn’t take up a lot of space on your countertop.
  • Most customer reviews are positive and the general consensus is it is of good quality.


  • You cannot remove the battery. This is unfortunate but not really a deal breaker since you’ll be able to recharge the unit anyway.
  • Some customers have reported the pistol’s suction power goes down quickly. However this will only happen if you’re sealing large bags and the PVS1000 is not at full power.
  • Provided the vacuum sealer is fully charged there should be no problems with its performance.
  • The instruction manual says not to use the bags with liquids and that’s true. A workaround is to freeze the food first before putting it in the bag, and you’ll avoid a mess.


  • The PVS1000 comes with a rechargeable battery that allows you to seal several bags in just one charge.
  • The bags that come with the PVS1000 are made from high-quality materials and built for long-term use.
  • The battery lasts a long time. If you are tired of vacuum sealers that run out of power while you are using them, this will please you.
  • The pistol style design makes the PVS1000 easy to use and comfortable to hold.
  • The ergonomic design ensures the PVS100 does not wear you out.
  • The bags are BPA free
  • You can use the bags to freeze, boil and microwave food
  • The sealing quality is good and keeps food fresh
  • Sucking air out of bags don’t take long
  • Versatile design allows for different uses
  • Can be stored in drawers or cabinets thanks to its compact size
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: Can I use the PVS1000 to seal soups?

A: Yes, but just like other liquids you should freeze it.

Q: Will the seal remains intact even when stored in freezers?

A: Yes it will. One of the most common criticisms with vacuum sealers is the seal comes off under extreme cold, but the PVS1000 does not.

Q: Can people with arthritis still use this vacuum sealer?

A: Yes they can. Even if you have arthritis you won’t have any difficulty sealing the bags.

Q: Can I use this on mason jars?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I seal fresh game with these bags?

A: Yes you can, but to avoid getting the blood all over the unit, freeze the game in a zip lock. When it’s frozen, open the zip lock, place it in the Waring and seal it. The same process should be used for liquids and other “wet” food.

Q: Is the PVS1000 compatible with generic brand bags?

A: it is possible but difficult especially when you’re sealing. It is much better to seal the bags designed for this.

Final Verdict

The Waring Pro is an outstanding vacuum sealer. It’s created a lot of hype but it lives up to them and more. It’s really easy to use and as a handheld, you can carry it without any problem.

There are larger, more powerful vacuum sealers, yes, but most of the time you don’t need them. While this is a smaller unit it doesn’t lack in power and versatility.

When it comes to vacuum sealers we need to strike a balance between what we need, ease of use, cost and efficiency. Often, manufacturers, have a difficult time getting these elements right and have to compromise one or the other.

It’s good to know that Waring doesn’t. Here we have a vacuum sealer that does what it’s supposed to do and doesn’t shortchange the buyer in other aspects.

The bottom line is this: if you’re looking for a powerful and handheld vacuum sealer, the PVS1000 will serve you well.

Sure you will find other portable vacuum sealers, but they’re usually nothing more than toys that break down after a while.

The PVS1000 does not: it’s built for long-term use and you won’t regret making this purchase.

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