11 Best Sous Vide Bags

The sous vide bag that use will determine the type of results that you will get after you are done cooking the food.

With that being said, not all food pouches will deliver the outcome that you are looking for, and that is exactly why we have picked some of the highest quality sous vide bags that you can consider using.

Since we care about your safety and overall well-being, the sous vide bags on our review list are BPA and toxin-free, so your food won’t be contaminated.

Additionally, they are all thermo-safe and will allow you to warm the water bath to the most ideal cooking temperature without tearing and acquiring punctures.

As such, your food will cook to the required doneness without getting mushy.

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11 Best Sous Vide Bags

1. Anova Pre-Cut Sous Vide Bags

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Featuring a seven-layer design, the sous vide bags from Anova are very efficient when it comes to cooking food in a water bath.

Besides, these bags can withstand long hours of cooking, so don’t expect them to rapture when they are in use.

To add to this, they will ensure that the food is not soaked in the water bath regardless of how long you cook.

As such, you can use them when packaging foods that need to be cooked overnight. Plus, they are easy to vacuum seal, so you won’t have a hard time bagging the food portions that you intend to sous vide.

These bags come pre-cut, so you can just pack the food directly and vacuum seal it without straining.

As a result, this will save you more time in the kitchen, allowing you to prepare the spices that you intend to use in the food.

Moreover, the bags are professional grade, so you can buy them knowing that you will get restaurant-grade results when sous viding different types of food. However, this will only apply if you vacuum seal the bag correctly.

In addition to this, the bags have easy-tear tops that will give you easy access to your food when it is ready.

Also, these sous vide bags are designed with the user’s safety in mind, so they won’t contaminate your food in any way.

Furthermore, the materials used in making the bags are food-grade, thus making them a safe option for all users.

The bags are also very large and can accommodate a favorable amount of food without tearing along the edges.


  • Durable
  • See-through design
  • Easy to use


  • You only get one size option
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2. FoodVacBags Vacuum Food Sealer Bags

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FoodVacBags is proud to present you with two rolls of high-quality sous vide bags that you can rely on when cooking vegetables, fish, steak, chicken, etc.

With these bags, you will be able to achieve the vacuum level that you need to keep your food submerged throughout the sous vide cooking process.

This will, in turn, allow all parts of the food to cook properly from the outside to the inside, thereby proving you with the perfect doneness.

The seven-layer material from which these bags are made is non-toxic, so you can use them without worrying about the safety of your health.

More to this, they are BPA-free, hence making them even safer. These bags can be used on all standard size vacuum sealers, so you won’t be limited when packaging your food because you can use the readily available machine.

The fact that they come in two large rolls means you will have enough bags to use for a while, so you won’t have to run to the store every time you want to sous vide your food.

To add to their list of benefits, the bags are freezer safe, making them an ideal option for users who buy food in bulk. And the good thing about them is that they can stay intact even when exposed to extreme temperature conditions for prolonged periods.

The other thing that you will like about these bags is that you can take them out of the freezer and into the water bath without thawing the ice.

They won’t be affected by the sudden temperature change, so your food will cook without getting mushy.


  • Free of allergenic compounds
  • Microwave safe
  • Heavy duty


  • Not pre-cut
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3. Stasher Reusable Food Bag

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The reusable sous vide food bags by Stasher are made from premium quality platinum silicone to ensure that you get quality service.

These bags are very durable and are equally efficient. With that being said, they will help you sous vide your food in the right manner by ensuring that the water bath does not soak up whatever you are preparing.

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Unlike most bags in their class, these sous vide pouches are non-plastic, and they also don’t contain BPA or any other substance that may harm your health.

Thanks to their self-sealing design, these bags are very easy to work with and will allow you to package your food without encountering any problem.

Moreover, the bags have a pinch-loc design that will provide you with an air-tight seal. Through this, the food will be well protected from contaminants, thus preserving its freshness as it cooks in the water bath.

Additionally, the bags are available in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the assortment that matches your preference.

Aside from that, they come in different sizes, meaning that you can use them when cooking small or large food portions.

The half-gallon size bag can accommodate a steak cut that can feed up to two people, while the smaller bags can assist you when sous viding vegetables, seafood, or fruit.

These food pouches can withstand up to 400°F, so they won’t be affected by the heat that is coming from the water bath.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective


  • Likely to rip if not handled well
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4. Uarter Sous Vide Bags

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When you buy this product, you will get fifteen pieces of superior quality sous vide bags, which are strong and reliable.

In addition to this, the package is inclusive of sealing clips and a hand pump that you can use when packaging food.

The pouches are not only reusable but are also easy to clean. As such, you can use one bag multiple times without lowering the quality of your food.

Nonetheless, ensure that you wash the bags thoroughly with warm water and dish soap after each use to avoid cross-contamination.

With the sealing clips in place, you can rest assured that the bags will stay closed from the start to the end of the cooking process.

Apart from having clips, the bags are designed with strong durable seals that will keep the water out once the food is dipped inside the sous vide container.

Plus, each bag features an air valve on which you can attach the included pump when extracting air.

With this kit, you will be able to seal different types of food without relying on a vacuum sealer.

That is not all, the bags have writable stickers that you can use when labeling your food. This will give you an easy time when identifying the contents in each bag.

When it comes to user safety, you will be happy to know that these pouches are made from materials that are both food-safe and BPA-free.


  • Long-lasting
  • Come pre-cut
  • Good quality


  • The seals may become less effective over time
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5. Avid Armor Food Bags

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The sous vide food pouches from Avid Armor are versatile and can work with just about any vacuum sealer on the market.

These bags are sous vide safe, so you can boil your food in hot water without worrying about them breaking.

To add to this, the bags are pre-cut so that users can spend the shortest time possible when packing the food.

Plus, they are professionally designed to allow for maximum air extraction when vacuum sealing food before submerging it in the sous vide water bath.

And since the bags are multi-layered the possibility of water seeping through them is very low, so your food won’t have a rubbery texture once it is done cooking.

The bags in this set are spacious and can accommodate food items that are of different sizes. This means that you can sous vide anything from large steak cuts to small vegetable portions using these pouches.

They will provide you with quality results regardless of what is being cooked, so you just have to ensure that the seals are airtight before putting the bag in the water.

With the absence of plasticizers like polyvinylchloride, these bags will provide you with exceptionally cooked sous vide meals without exposing you to harmful substances.

If you like, you can even store the already cooked food in the bag for later use. However, ensure that you toss the bag in the freezer to keep the food fresh.


  • Heavy duty
  • Reliable
  • Thick and durable


  • Not re-usable
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6. FoodSaver Vacuum Seal Roll for Sous Vide

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As a brand, FoodSaver is very good at designing sous vide kits, and these bags are no different from the high-quality products that they make.

In fact, the bags are specially designed to preserve freshness when storing or cooking food through the sous vide process.

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Besides, the bags have unique channels, which allow for optimal air removal when vacuuming sealing. With the air out of the bag, the food will stay under for the preferred cooking time.

The bags come in three rolls, so you can custom-cut them according to your needs. To add to this, they are easy to seal provided that you use a vacuum sealer that is of good quality.

Each bag is made of several layers to increase strength and durability, so you can go for these bags knowing that they will serve you well.

Furthermore, the material used in designing these bags is pliable, so the bag opening will bend freely as you seal it, creating an airtight seal.

This will ensure that the food does not come in contact with the water bath even when cooking for extended durations.

In addition to keeping the water out, these bags will lock in the flavors, meaning that your food will come out juicy and tasty.


  • Multipurpose
  • No BPA
  • Premium quality


  • Limited size options
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7. Platinum Pure Large Reusable Sous Vide Bags

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Platinum Pure provides you with a set of neatly designed bags, which are made with every user’s needs in mind.

They are free of fillers and other compounds like BPA, so your food will be in safe hands throughout the preparation and cooking process.

Additionally, the bags can withstand high temperatures and can, therefore, work with different models of immersion circulators.

Apart from that, they are highly resistant to tear, thanks to the superior quality material used in the design.

Despite being thick, these sous vide pouches will allow the heat from the water bath to reach all parts of the food, thereby allowing it to cook exactly how you want it.

As if that is not enough, the bags have wide openings, which will allow you to pack or remove your food with ease.

And the fact that they are re-usable makes them cost-effective because you won’t have to buy new bags every now and then when you want to sous vide your food.

But, that’s not all; the bags are oversized, thus making them a suitable option for cooking large chunks of meat or any other type of food that can be prepared the sous vide way.


  • Designed to last
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to clean


  • You only get two bags
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8. White Dolphin Sous Vide Bags

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The sous vide bags by White Dolphin also come in rolls, which allow users to custom-cut the pouches depending on how large or small the food portion in question is.

This ensures that the food is packed in a bag that is spacious enough for proper cooking. The high-density polyethylene material used in making these food pouches is not only safe for users but also has excellent tensile properties, hence making the bags puncture resistant.

These bags are tested for user safety and are also certified to contain no allergenic compounds that may cause harm to your health.

You can use them when preparing meals in your home kitchen or the restaurant. Since the bags are tough, you can boil your food in a sous vide pot for as long as you want without damaging the bag or the food.

Also, the bags are easy to cut, so all you will need is a pair of scissors to get the job done. Nevertheless, this may not apply when working with a vacuum sealer that is fitted with a built-in bag cutter.

If you have been looking for high-quality sous vide bags, this product can get you started. The bags in this package have all the features that a good sous vide food pouch should have, making them one of the options that you can consider adding to your cooking kit.


  • Doesn’t lose shape even when heated for long hours
  • Seals well
  • The bags have no chemical odor


  • Cutting the bags can be a bit challenging if you don’t have the right equipment
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9. MXBOLD Sous Vide Bags

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These bags are designed with double-layer zippers, which will ensure that the food being cooked in the water bath is not soaked.

That said, in case one seal fails, the other will keep the bag airtight, making this product one of the reliable options that you can go for when buying sous vide bags.

To prevent the bags from rapturing when you are cooking, the manufacturer has reinforced the walls and the openings, so they will stay intact all through the sous vide process.

These bags also have other amazing features that you will find helpful when handling different types of food. For starters, you can use them multiple times as long as they are washed properly after each cooking session.

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They are also resealable, thus making them even more convenient for users who sous vide from time to time.

Plus, the bags have a limit mark which will guide you when packaging the food. This will ensure that the air valve is not blocked, thus leaving enough room to vacuum seal the food as required.

You can also write the name of the food on the back of the bag to avoid unnecessary confusion when storing items in the freezer.


  • Ships with sealing clips
  • Preserves freshness and flavors
  • Multi-layered


  • The bags may be too small for large food portions
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10. WHX Reusable Sous Vide Bags

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The vacuum zipper bags from WHX are somewhat similar to the product that we have just reviewed, but the only difference is that this option contains eighteen pieces of bags while the former has ten.

These premium quality bags are specifically designed for sous vide cooking, so you can count on them when cooking a wide range of foods in a water bath.

Moreover, the PE/PA material from which they are made is food-grade and is, therefore, safe for use in the kitchen.

The bags come in three different sizes, so you can pack your food in a pouch that matches your needs.

Each size option has six bags, which you can use at will. Plus, the bags are washable, so you can reuse them up to ten times. This will lower your costs because you won’t have to buy new bags every now and then.

The zipper locks are very strong, meaning that the bags won’t flood with water when you are cooking.

If you use these bags when sous vide cooking, the food will retain its original taste and will also come out with an amazing texture.


  • The air valves maximize air extraction
  • Durable construction
  • Multi-functional


  • The air valves can easily get damaged if the bags are submerged in the water bath
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11. OUII Sous Vide Bags

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The bags in this kit can fit virtually all sous vide vacuum sealers, so you can buy them without worrying about size and compatibility. To add to this, they will ship to your doorstep pre-cut and ready to use.

Included in the kit is a powerful hand pump that you can use when extracting air from the bags once the food has been packed. More on the pump, it has an ergonomically designed handle and is equally easy to use.

Upon purchase, you will also get four bag clips that will help you attach the bags to the sous vide container, while the zip clips will ensure that the bag opening is tightly sealed.

The kit is made up of small and extra-large food bags that you can use in different situations. And the best thing about them is that they can come in handy when cooking vegetables or meats.

Furthermore, the bags are thermo-safe, so you can heat the water bath to the required temperature without causing any damage to the seal.


  • Safe for use
  • Self-sealing design
  • Toxin-free


  • The bags can be hard to degrease
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all sous vide bags come pre-cut?

Sous vide bags are designed differently, so some may come pre-cut, while others may come in rolls that you can custom-cut according to your needs.

How reliable are sous vide bags?

If you choose the right sous vide bag, you will be able to cook your food professionally in a water bath without interfering with its natural taste.

Additionally, sous vide bags will prevent your food from soaking in the water, so they are very reliable.

Does size matter when choosing sous vide bags?

Yes. The size of sous vide bag that you choose will determine the amount of food that you can cook in each session.

With that said, you should consider buying large bags if you intend to cook large portions and vice versa.

Final Verdict

You can greatly increase your performance when preparing meals through the sous vide process by using the high-quality sous vide bags that we have listed above.

With the help of these bags, you will have an easier time when cooking your food in a water bath. Plus, the bags can work with all types of sous vide cookers and some are also vacuum-sealable.

Ensure that you pick the right size of sous vide bag from the options that we have highlighted.

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