11 Best Vacuum Sealer: The Reliable Way To Preserve Food

Preservation of food items for maintaining their freshness, taste, texture, and quality has always been a tricky task. For safe consumption, it is important to keep your food protected and in eatable condition. The best possible way to preserve the food items is by using a vacuum sealer.

A vacuum sealer helps in eliminating the air and moisture from the food and seals it in airtight packaging for long-term storage and consumption. It is effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and mold and keeps your food safe. It also extends the shelf life for up to three to five times longer than other storage methods.

It locks in the original flavor and aroma of the food to deliver you a lip-smacking taste and freshness in every bite. It is a high-utility cooking appliance that yields unmatchable benefits. We have listed the best vacuum sealer appliances to guide you towards making a worthy and fruitful investment for your kitchen.

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11 Best Vacuum Sealers

#1. Vacuum Sealer by NutriChef (Silver)

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This vacuum sealer comes with a completely automated plug-in design along with a control center that is placed on the topmost of the panel. It also has easy touch digital buttons with red light indicators that make it a smart device for your home.

It consists of dual selectable modes to deliver best-in-class and customized food preservation. It allows you to select dry indication for solid food items and the moist indication for the simmered, steamed, or poached food items.

This full starter gear consists of a vacuum sealer, air suction hose, and wine stopper bags of 78×118 inch along with a vacuum roll of 78×790 inch. Both of them are waterproof and reusable to provide your food with optimum protection against spoilage.

It has a suction strength of 12l/min and can withstand food temperatures up to 2120F. It is effective in increasing the shelf life of the food. This vacuum sealer sucks out the air and contains a heat sealer that helps in sealing the sturdy airtight bag to preserve the freshness, taste, and aroma of food items.


  • Smart meal preparation functionality
  • Stain-resistant and easy-to-maintain
  • Sleek design with a smooth finish
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The suction strength is not up to the mark

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#2. FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine with Express Bag Maker (Silver)

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This vacuum sealer consists of an automated moisture detention technology for the smart preservation of food. It automatically detects the moisture and switches to the most appropriate mode to provide an airtight seal.

It also contains a patented detachable tray that helps in catching any overflow liquid. It is dishwasher safe too that makes this appliance easy to clean and maintain without any hassle and efforts.

The vacuum sealer is equipped with dual heat sealing strips to deliver consistent heating. It helps in achieving an airtight seal using an optimal vacuum level. There is also an easy view vacuum window that provides you flexible control over the seal.

The open roll design lets you know when to replace the roll. The LED light indicators help in providing guidance during the vacuum sealing process. You just need to press the vacuum and seal button to eliminate the air that causes spoilage and freezer burn.


  • It has a fast integration system that reduces the process by 50%
  • Automatically prepares the next bag for sealing
  • It has an express bag maker for easy measuring and sealing of rolls
  • Comes with an in-built handheld sealer


  • The vacuum pump releases a loud noise

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#3. GERYON Automatic Food Sealer Machine (Black)

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This package consists of a vacuum sealer machine, user manual, vacuum tube, vacuum roll of 7.8×78 inches along with five pre-cut bags of 7.8×11.8 inches. It comes with an accessory hose port that is efficient in preserving food through vacuum canister and also companionable with wine stoppers.

The suction strength is 12L/min with a vacuum power of 0.8 bars. This machine comes along an automated vacuum sealing functionality, easy touch digital buttons, LED indicator lights, and an electric plug-in.

It has got a topmost control panel to deliver a user-friendly application. Also, the multi-layered heat seals are effective in keeping the air out and prevent freezer burn. This machine consists of a separate setting system designed for dry and moist foods.

This vacuum sealer is efficient in sucking out the air and comes with a heat sealer that helps in sealing the durable airtight bag that helps in maintaining the shelf-life, freshness, and taste of the food items for future consumption.

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  • Comes with a sous vide functionality
  • Helps in keeping food fresh for up to 5 times longer
  • BPA free product
  • Separated design for quick and easy cleaning


  • The sealing functionality does not run smoothly

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#4. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer Machine with Bags and Rolls Starter Kit (Silver)

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This starter kit consists of an accessory hose, three-quart heat seal bags, two-gallon heat seal bags, a heat seal roll of 11×10 inch along with a vacuum sealer machine. It helps in keeping your food fresh and safe for consumption for up to five times more as compared to the basic storage methods.

It comes with an easy and convenient lock and latches single-handed functionality that allows you to lock the lid with the help of a single turn. The patented detachable tray would catch the tripping overflow of liquid and is dishwasher safe too.

The vacuum sealing is effective in removing the air that causes spoilage and freezer-burn. The extra-wide sealing strip helps in delivering an airtight seal and the vacuum chamber contributes towards the reduction of bag waste.

It is compatible with the hand sealer that allows you to seal zipper bags, containers, canisters for food best-in-class food preservations. It assists in marinating the food items within the time duration of one minute.


  • NRTL Tested and Certified
  • Comes with a vacuum and seal button for easy sealing
  • Sleek and less space occupying design
  • User-friendly control panes with customizable settings


  • Lacks an instant sealing system

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#5. KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine (Silver)

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This bundle contains a vacuum sealer, replacement sealed cotton, user manual, mini cutter, pumping pipe, five small and five large vacuum bags. The automated vacuum sealer machine comes with 4S functionality.

The in-built cutter in this vacuum machine helps in creating custom-sized bags and reduces the generation of bag waste and contributes towards optimum utilization of the vacuum-seal roll.

This product has been tested and certified by NRTL. The bottom pad of the heating strip of the vacuum sealer contains an embedding of a mica sheet that can withstand the high temperatures of up to 3000F.

The sealing function can operate up to 40 times continuously without any interruptions and does not cause any damage to the machine as well. This vacuum sealer would perverse the freshness and taste of your food for up to seven times longer as compared to the other storage options.


  • 50% more suction power
  • One-touch automated vacuum sealing functionality
  • Highly movable product
  • Comes with a frontal close and lock latch


  • Lacks effective dual system integration for dry and moist foods

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#6. Toyuugo Upgraded Vacuum Sealer Machine

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This compact vacuum sealer machine comes with roll bag storage along with an in-built cutter that allows you to make a customized bag in no time. It also has a starter roll that helps in the quick functioning of the appliance.

It consists of multi customizable mode settings that include dry, wet, automated, and manual mode. It provides you better control over the appliance and the type of food item that you want to seal.

It comes with five times longer storage capacity and you can vacuum a variety of items in it such as food, drinks, magazines, letters, jewelry, stuffed toys, and other collectibles. It is effective in maintaining the quality and freshness of the food items particularly.

This lab-tested kit contains one roll of 3M vacuum bag along with two vacuum hoses. In addition to it, the vacuum machine comes with an electric plug-in design, digital touch panels along with a LED light indicator.


  • Strong suction power
  • Hi-tech design with silver color
  • External vacuuming technology
  • Moisture-proof application


  • The machine tends to get overheated after sealing 3-4 bags

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#7. GERYON Vacuum Sealer (Black)

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This starter kit comes with an air suction hose, five heat seal bags of 7.8×11.8 inch, roll of 7.8×78 inch, a user manual along with a vacuum sealer machine. It consists of two selectable modes for customized preservation for different food types.

It features a separated design that allows you to take off the upper lid for easy cleaning of the sealer machine. Besides this, the machine is lightweight and compact along with fully automated sealing functionality, soft-touch digital controls, LED light, and plug-in.

It also consists of an in-built cutter that enables you to make a customized bag within a few seconds. The multi-layered material heat seals to keep the air out and prevents food waste, freezer burn, and spoilage.

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It features 4S functionality that helps in the optimum preservation of food. The sealer machine occupies less space in the kitchen and delivers a quick sealing application that helps in saving a lot of your time.


  • Can also reseal bags of snacks and rolls
  • One-touch operation for customized optimal sealing
  • Compatible for sealing wine stoppers and canisters
  • Fits up to 12” width vacuum sealer rolls and bags


  • The suction power is not up to the mark
  • The seal is prone to breakage

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#8. AmazonBasics Vacuum Seal System (Black)

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This vacuum sealer appliance comes with dual modes selectable integration that has been designed specifically for customized vacuum sealing of wet and dry foods as well.

It seals the pre-cooked meals, dry goods, and meat effectively to keep the air out of the bag that helps in the best possible preservation of the freshness and taste of food.

It has the potential to preserve the meat for up to three years and other refrigerated items for weeks. It comes with an air suction hose along with a 16-foot roller bag and LED indicator lights.

This also features an in-built cutter that helps in creating customized bag sizes for compact storage and reducing the waste. Apart from this, the vacuum sealer machine is highly movable and lightweight too.


  • Dynamic design with matte black finish
  • User-friendly functionality
  • Preserves food in a space-saving setup
  • Easy to touch multi panels


  • Ideal for sealing food in moderate quantity

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#9. Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 Precision Vacuum Sealer

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This package includes a precision vacuum sealer, ten vacuum sealer bags along with a quick start guide. It comes with the sous vide cooking technology. It helps you to achieve restaurant-like cooking experience at home with the click of a button.

The vacuum sealer is compact, reliable, and easy to use as compared to the other options in the segment. The vacuum seal bags are dual ribbed along with seven construction layers that are made specifically to withstand prolonged cooking sessions.

The vacuum machine consists of several options on the topmost panel that helps in quick and hassle-less sealing. It prevents the air from getting in the bag and ensures that the food stays completely submerged during the cooking session.

It seals the food to preserve the freshness, aroma, and taste. It locks in the moisture and flavor while cooking resulting in better taste and texture of the food item. The pulse vacuum integration is designed exclusively for delicate and liquid food items.


  • Seal functions for convenient application
  • Provides more control over the extraction process
  • Elegant look with a compact design
  • Delivers easy and effortless sealing in no time


  • Absence of a custom-made panel for changing food settings
  • Does not has an in-built cutter

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#10. ABOX V63 Food Vacuum Air Sealing System

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This vacuum sealer package consists of a bonus starter kit roll, in-built cutter, customizable vacuum bag shell holder, vacuum sealing rolls of various sizes along with a detachable drip tray that helps in keeping the countertop clean and mess-free.

It comes along with four selectable modes to deliver the best-in-class preservation based on the nature and texture of food items. It also features a stop button to regulate the vacuum pressure.

This automated vacuum sealer machine can be utilized for household as well as commercial use. It helps in keeping the food fresh for up to seven times longer and maintains the quality, taste, texture, and flavor of the food items.

It features an in-built cutter that helps in making custom-sized bags in no time. It comes with normal and shorter vacuuming integration that provides the food items with the preservation based on their fragility and moisture.


  • Comes with a seal-only mode
  • Can be used for garment sealing
  • Contains a vacuum port along with a hose
  • Lightweight with an adjustable suction power


  • It lacks a smooth and consistent functionality

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#11. ABOX V69 Vacuum Sealer Machine

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This vacuum sealer machine comes along with ten bags and helps in keeping the food fresh and preserved for up to seven times longer. It also supports sous vide cooking. It consists of a detachable cord with magnetic absorption technology.

It is suitable for sealing food items in bulk and consists of a detachable power cable for a well-organized cooking and sealing experience.

It contains selectable modes for customizing the food sealing to deliver the best possible preservation. It features a small cutter for the convenient opening of sealed bags.

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You can easily utilize this vacuum sealer machine for vacuuming and sealing various food items such as seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and nuts. The fully automated integration simplifies the process for instant sealing.


  • Portable design for more space-saving
  • One-button vacuum sealing integration
  • Can also preserve non-food items
  • Takes sealing time of only 6-12 seconds


  • Does not support heavy-duty sealing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a vacuum sealer work?

A vacuum sealer seals the contents placed inside the plastic bag with the help of a vacuum. After placing the food items inside the sealable bag, the vacuum sealer eliminates the air and moisture.

It provides an airtight seal and leaves the food item intact for prolonged storage. The sealer created a vacuum that prevents any type of compounds from permeating the bag and also protects it from freezer-burn and spoilages.

How to re-seal a vacuum sealer bag?

You can easily re-seal a vacuum sealer bag by cutting off the pre-existing seal and then remove the food items as per your requirements. After that, you need to wash and clean the bag properly to keep the germs away.

It is preferable to sterilize the bag for optimum safety and then you can re-seal the bag. Make sure to clean any food item or remaining residue close to the seal area on the interior part of the bag.

How can I fix the broken vacuum sealer bags?

Examine the bag carefully and look for the wrinkles and holes in the bag that might have caused the breakout or leakage. If the air is able to get in through the seal, then in such a case, you can cut open the bag and re-seal it again from the open end of the bag.

Generally, the moisture prevents the bag from being sealed properly. In such a condition, you can wipe over the area of the bag which is to be sealed using a paper towel as it would absorb all the moisture content from it. However, if the bag has been punctured, then you cannot re-seal it in any condition and you would need to replace it with a new one.

Can I put the vacuum sealer bags in the microwave?

Yes, you can put the vacuum sealer bags in the microwave but you cannot place the full sealed bag inside it. You need to cut one corner of the bag before placing it inside the microwave to allow the steam to escape out of the bag.

However, it is not advisable to microwave foods that contain oil in the abundant amount as the oil heats up very rapidly. If a sealed bag gets overheated in the microwave, then it could even explode. It is advisable to follow the aforesaid method to avoid any mess inside your microwave.

Can I put the vacuum sealer bags in the freezer?

Yes, the vacuum sealer bags can be kept in the freezer as they are mainly used for preserving and storing food in the same. These bags are designed exclusively to keep all the moisture and air out and prevent the food from becoming tasteless and dry. The sealer bags are crafted for long-term storage of food items in the freezer.

On the other hand, vacuum zipper bags are mostly used for refrigerated items like cheese and meat. These are the food items that you need every day, so the zipper makes it easy for you to take the food in and out of the bag, thereby maintaining the quality, taste, and freshness.

Are vacuum sealer bags safe?

Yes, the vacuum sealer bags are completely safe but their quality depends upon the brand that you have opted for. Most of the vacuum sealer bags available in the segment are even BPA-free. It is always preferable to go for leading and reliable brands for buying vacuum sealers for long-term durability and reliability.

Wrap Up

Having a vacuum sealer saves a lot of your valuable time and money. Besides this, they come with an elegant and compact design that does not require a lot of space in the kitchen. You can place it anywhere with greater ease and convenience.

Vacuum sealing also prevents fats from becoming rancid and protects the food from developing a bad odor. A vacuum sealer comes with ample of features such as food customization settings, in-built cutter, easy touch digital panel buttons and LED lights to ease your cooking and sealing experience.

You can get a vacuum sealer to channelize the food items present in your kitchen to the most productive uses.