Can You Vacuum Seal Spices? (What and What Not)

For many people, having an efficient way for storing their ingredients in the kitchen is an advantage. Vacuum sealing has become a popular way for storing food items.

However, does it work for all items or are there specifics? Is it right to vacuum seal your spices and if yes, what do you do then? Well, let us dive into all the details involved in vacuum sealing and spices.

Can You Vacuum Seal Spices?

Yes, it is totally healthy for you to vacuum seal your spices in the kitchen. When done in the right way, vacuum sealed spices will stay fresh for a long time.

With this said, how do you go about vacuum sealing your spices?

How to Vacuum Seal Spices

Have your set of spices, the vacuum seal machine and your accessory ready either vacuum sealer bags or mason jars.

Put your spices in the bag or jar and follow instructions on the vacuum seal machine until your spices are fully sealed. To ensure the jars are well sealed, the center of the lid should be depressed.

Once sealed, store them in the refrigerator or freezer.  This extends their durability as vacuum seal alone will not keep them preserved. Always ensure the spices are in the freezer or refrigerator when not in use.

Mason Jars or Vacuum Sealer Bags for Spices?

Vacuum sealer bags are well known in vacuum sealing food but are they the right choice for your spices? For spices, mason jars will work better than the sealer bags. This is because spices are in form of small particles which make it difficult for them to be fully sealed in the bags.

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Glass mason jars are preferred in storage than plastic jars. Glass will extend the viability of the spices longer than the plastic. Plastic jars can at times allow air into the jars which will damage the spices over the time.

When using mason jars, use lids for jars not bands since they lock more therefore keeping the container airtight. To add to that, have the appropriate lid sizes depending on the jar sizes. Vacuum Sealing Spices in Oil

Spices such as rosemary can be vacuum sealed in oil when raw. This is achieved through adding oil to the spices, vacuum sealing them and eventually freezing them.

This method is more efficient but does not work for most spices since oil cannot be added to grounded spices. It is more efficient in that;

  • Your spices are preserved indefinitely without losing their quality.
  • Usage is easier since the frozen oil will melt quickly than the iced spices.
  • The oil ensures the flavor of the spices is retained for longer than normal vacuum sealing.

How do Vacuum Seals Work?


Wondering how vacuum sealing will help maintain your spices and why it is effective? Well, here are the concepts that guarantee that your spices are maintained.

Air is the main element that facilitates the decay of substances. This is because it allows the growth of micro- organisms which rots food way.

Through vacuum seals, air is removed from your food. Moreover, vacuum seals ensure no more air or moisture gets into your food thus the shelf life of the spices is extended.

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How long will Vacuum Sealed Spices Last?

When vacuum sealed, spices will stay indefinitely fresh. To ensure this, you need to refrigerate or freeze them and keep them well sealed too.

However, these spices will start to lose flavor after six months. Consider keeping them for lesser time if you want to keep their flavor in check during usage.

Pros and Cons of Vacuum Sealing

Just like all substances in life, vacuum sealing is no exception and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wondering which list precedes the other and if vacuum seal is a good option?

Well, the benefits include the following;

  • Vacuum sealing preserves your spices for a long time.
  • Through vacuum sealing, the freshness of the spices is maintained.
  • The spices also retain their flavor and original color.
  • Though the initial cost of vacuum sealing may not be cost friendly, no other costs are spent thereafter. The machine and accessories are reusable.

The disadvantage of this method is you have to redo the process each time you use your spices. This is because each time you break the seal, air is sucked into the spices and you have to remove it then seal the spices again.

Maintaining Preservation of Spices after Usage

Once vacuum sealed, your spices will stay preserved but the fresh nature can be lost after use. To avoid this, caution should be take each time you unseal the spices.

During unsealing, remove the lid carefully without damaging it. The lid should lock in the jar just like the first time and should not have spaces which will bring in air to your spices. In case of damage to the lid, consider transferring your spices into a new jar.

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Conditions That Keep Spices Well Preserved

As much as vacuum seal works well for preserving spices, other factors should be considered to keep the viability that are;

  • The jars or bags used for preservation should be airtight at all times.
  • The optimal temperatures should be 21.1 degrees Celsius and below. Keeping them at room temperatures or in areas with changing temperatures decreases their usage time.
  • Ensure your spices are fully dry before vacuum sealing since moisture will cause rotting.
  • Keep the spices in dark places away from visible light.

Vacuum sealing will not ideally prevent rotting of spices caused by bacteria and fluctuating temperatures. Therefore keeping off air and having the right temperatures is vital. Changing temperatures will influence growth of molds or loss of flavor.

The Final Words

Vacuum sealing is a good preservation method for spices and holds several benefits for you. This includes longer preservation and cost saving. Ensure you follow the right procedure during vacuum sealing to achieve desirable results.

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