Ivation Vacuum Sealer VSP 180 Review

Are you tired of freezer-burned food? Have you come to your wit’s end figuring out ways to save leftovers? Looking for a way to safely package and store fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and game for a longer period of time?

Do you need a quick easy way to prepare meals? Jealous of friends and family who save money on their food bills? Have you considered a vacuum sealer for your food storage issues? You will be surprised how many ways Ivation Vacuum Sealer VSP 180 can help lower your food cost.

Here at Ivation we’ve done the hard work of designing and manufacturing quality products to help with your long-term food storage needs. Our VSP 180 is a dependable, versatile, and inexpensive way to preserve leftovers.

It will prevent freezer burn for long-term storage needs. The VSP 180 will keep your fresh fish and game safe and germ-free. One step meal storage and preparation becomes a reality with Ivation vacuum sealer technology. If you’re interested in keeping your food costs down while enjoying safe, healthy, and convenient meals this is the product for you.

Interested? Let us detail for you the many ways the Ivation VSP 180 will become an indispensable part of your kitchen.

Important Factor That Keep In Mind

No more freezer burn!

Dinner time draws near. You decide tonight is a roast beef night. You grab the one remaining roast from the freezer. You peel potatoes and carrots as the roast defrosts in the microwave. The pressure cooker is ready.

The microwave buzzes to let you know the defrost is done. As you remove the thawed roast from its plastic bag you catch an odd odor. It doesn’t smell right. Upon closer examination, it doesn’t look right either.

Did it go bad already? It wasn’t in the freezer for all that long, but it’s unusable. Now you’re stuck with peeled vegetables and no roast. Dinner-time becomes a scramble as you look for an entree’.

If you had an Ivation VSP 180 this scenario doesn’t happen. Whether your frozen meats stay in the freezer for 6 months or a year or more, they’re good. That’s because the VSP 180 removes unwanted moisture and oxygen from your goods before they’re frozen.

Moisture and oxygen are the main problems when food is frozen the conventional way. They allow harmful microbes to remain in the food. Those microbes cause your food to turn bad, even after it’s frozen. Vacuum sealing prevents those microbes from ruining your food. It stays fresh and unburned up to five times longer than conventionally frozen foods.

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Keep leftovers fresher longer!

Remember the last time you cleaned out the refrigerator? So many remnants of recent meals thrown out. A few of them were downright nasty with mold. You’ve always tried to keep leftovers for later meals but they go bad.

It doesn’t take very long for them to spoil either. You shake your head as you think of the waste. Wasted food. More importantly, wasted money.

You feel like a fortune in grocery money ends up being thrown away. You’ve tried everything to keep leftovers fresh. They always end up going bad within a week or two.

Just as improperly frozen foods are spoiled by microbes, so are leftovers. Not being frozen makes the spoilage happen even faster. Vacuum sealing with the VSP 180 will allow you to freeze all those leftovers.

Excess moisture is removed so your leftovers last longer. Once frozen they’re easier to reheat. The versatility of the VSP 180 makes it possible to save as much or as little as you require. The one-touch operation makes leftover storage simple!

Keep fresh fish and game safer, longer!

You love the taste of fresh fish. Unfortunately, it won’t stay fresh very long when stored in the refrigerator. Your attempts at freezing fish have been unrewarding. Fish always seems to lose it tastes when frozen conventionally.

The same thing happens when you try to freeze last fall’s game. It ends up the same way as the roast, freezer burned. Ivation VSP 180 to the rescue!

This is where the VSP 180 really shines! The vacuum sealing technology allows you to enjoy your fresh fish and game safely. Harmful microbes and bacteria are kept at bay while the food is sealed. It will even taste like fresh fish or venison.

As with leftovers, the VSP 180 allows you to control the size of your portions. Freeze a few pieces for a lunchtime meal or a larger amount for dinner. You control the portioning.

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Easy, convenient meals anytime!

After a full day of work, not many of us feel like cooking dinner. You’re ready to sit back and relax. Yet you still would like to eat a healthy, tasty meal. The VSP 180 can make after-work meals a snap.

Vacuum sealing with the VSP 180 will allow you to plan your meals in advance. With portioning in your control you can freeze and save just the right amount for your dinner. Every component of your dinner can be sealed in the same bag.

Do you want pot roast, potatoes, and carrots for dinner? Seal them together to freeze, then heat and eat when you need a quick meal. Microwaveable bags make heating quick and simple. Separate bags allow for a variety of quick meals to be prepared.

If you prefer something more elaborate, the VSP 180 can seal that meal too! If you like cooking by the Sous Vide method, vacuum sealing is perfect. The sealed bag prevents moisture loss during heating.

It also allows for thorough heating of your meal whether boiled or slow-heated. You can employ Sous Vide for any type of meal that you would normally microwave.


  • Preserves freshness and flavor for up to 5 times longer than conventional freezing
  • Prevents freezer burn when used for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Seals moist or dry foods
  • Vacuum sealing prevents contamination of product by bacteria and microbes
  • Multiple bag sizes (quart or gallon) allow for small or large amount sealing
  • Portion control to suit your needs
  • Unit can handle bags up to 12 inches in width
  • “Gentle” setting prevents crushed or damaged delicate foods
  • Lightweight and compact. Perfect for limited space or portable use
  • Simple, one-touch operation
  • Engineered for easy addition of accessories
  • Low-cost start-up with 10 bags (5 quart – 5 gallon) included


  • Only works with specific replacement bags or rolls
  • Sealer is noisy when in operation
  • Operation instructions are vague and confusing
  • Some complaints about initial dependability among consumer comments
  • Customer service can be spotty
  • No built-in bag cutter


  • Dimensions – 9 x 15 x 5 inches
  • Weight – 4.2 lbs
  • Color – black
  • Power – 120V / 50Hz, 120W
  • Bag dimensions – quart 8.6 x 11.8″, gallon 11 x 15.7″
  • One-touch operation
  • Gentle setting for dry or delicate food
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Frequently asked questions

Question: Does the VPS 180 work on 220 volts?

Answer: It is intended only for use on 120-volt outlets

Question: Is it possible to customize the size of your bags?

Answer: As long as the width of the bag does not exceed 12 inches. You can tailor the length of the bag to fit your needs

Question: Does the VPS 180 have an option for a Mason Jar sealer?

Answer: Yes. Other vacuum sealer manufacturers have them available. They will work with the VPS 180

Question: Will the unit cut finished bags?

Answer: It does not have a bag cutting feature

Question: Will one-sided texture replacement bags work with the VPS 180?

Answer: With care, one-sided texture bags will work well. Take care to properly align the edges for proper sealing.

Final verdict

The Ivation VPS 180 Vacuum Sealer is an entry-level vacuum sealing unit. The start-up cost is a very affordable $64.95. With the initial cost, the purchaser has all they need to begin vacuum sealing their food for freezing.

Consumer ratings are high, with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com. 68% of Amazon raters were satisfied enough with the VPS 180 to rate it a full 5 out of 5. Most commenters found the unit easy to use after an initial learning period.

Commenters also praised the relatively small size of the unit. Reliability is good, although a few isolated cases noted a sudden, unexplained loss of power.Overall, the Ivation VPS 180 is a good quality, easy to use a vacuum sealer.

It’s relatively small size makes for a small kitchen counter footprint. The lightweight of the VPS 180 makes it easily portable. When compared with the amount of money saved over time the initial cost seems quite reasonable. You will recoup your initial investment quickly.

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and versatile way to help cut food costs, you will be very happy with the Ivation VPS 180 vacuum sealer. Order one today and see why it is such a highly rated vacuum sealer!

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