Breville Joule Sous Vide Review

Breville is proud to present you with a well-designed sous vide equipment that will make your work easier when cooking steak and other types of food.

This machine is not only efficient but is also designed in such a way that it can fit any modern-day kitchen.

More to this, it is built from materials that are of superior quality, so you can rest assured that it will serve you for a prolonged period.

Besides, the housing features a stainless steel construction, thus making it virtually immune to corrosion and rust.

As such, the Joule sous vide can withstand even the harshest kitchen environments, making it a suitable immersion circulator for all users.

The internal componentry is equally durable and is also designed using advanced technological procedures that will ensure you get a frustration-free user experience.

Despite its size, this unit packs a lot of power, so it will heat the water bath to the required temperature in no time.

In addition to being efficient, this equipment is aesthetically pleasing to look at, so it can be an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Before we go any further, let’s look at the specifications of the Joule Sous Vide Immersion Circulator;

Product Specifications

  • Model: CS10001
  • Wattage: 1100W
  • Capacity: 10 Liters
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Temperature Accuracy: 0.2 °F / 0.1°C
  • Maximum Water Depth: 8 inches (203 millimeters)
  • Minimum Water Depth: 1.5 inches (38 millimeters)
  • Construction Materials: UL-Certified Polycarbonate and Stainless steel
  • Communication: Wi-Fi Compatible, Bluetooth Smart 4.0 wireless technology

With the above specifications in place, this immersion circulator is more than capable of providing you with the results that you need, so you can rely on it in all sous vide scenarios.

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The specifications can also help you know how best you can operate the machine without causing any damage.

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Features and Functions of Joule Sous Vide

Fast Heating

With a wattage rating of 1100 watts, this unit can heat a large volume of water per unit time, thereby saving you more time.

Furthermore, it is fitted with a hyper-fast heating system that you can depend on when cooking foods that require more heat.

This makes it an ideal immersion circulator for preparing steak and any other types of food that may require high temperatures to cook.

User-Friendly Design

The first thing that you will like about this immersion circulator is that it is very easy to use, so all you will have to do is to ensure that you apply the right cooking mode.

After that, the equipment will do the cooking for you, meaning that you can do other things as the food continues to cook.

Minimalistic Design

Aside from being sleek, the Joule sous vide cooker is one of the smallest immersion circulators compared to most units in its class.

This makes it easy to handle, so the chances of it slipping from your grasp are minimal. To add to this, it can easily fit inside a standard size kitchen drawer without taking up all the space.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Enabled

The Joule sous vide is designed with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth software, which allows users to pair their phones with the device.

You will be happy to know that the system supports both Android and iOS phones, thus making it even more convenient.

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Once you have paired your phone with the cooker, you can use the available Joule app to control the cooker remotely.

More on the app, it has a user-friendly interface, so you won’t have a hard time operating the functions.

Alternatively, you can control this device using your voice via Amazon Alexa, amazing right!

But, that is not all; the Joule app has other amazing features like Visual Doneness, which shows you what your food will look like after you are done cooking.

As if that is not enough, the app also contains multiple cooking recipes, which are custom-developed by professional chefs.

With the help of the recipes, you will be able to avoid unnecessary guesswork when preparing steak.

Steel Construction

To prolong its durability, the manufacturer has constructed both the upper and lower parts of this machine from cold-forged stainless steel.

This means that the casing will stay in good condition even when exposed to moisture and heat multiple times.

Magnetic Foot

The other feature that is worth mentioning about the Joule sous vide is its unique magnetic foot.

This feature puts it a step ahead of most immersion circulators since it saves you from using clips.

As a result, you will be able to attach this sous vide cooker to a wide range of containers when cooking.

Moreover, the magnet is rubberized, meaning that it won’t cause abrasions on the surface of your sous vide containers.

Drawbacks of Joule Sous Vide

Joule sous vide only works with outlets with a 120-volt rating due to its heating technology.

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The Bluetooth software is only compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS 8.0+.

Also, Wi-Fi connectivity only allows for 2.4 GHz connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Joule sous vide to cook vegetables?

Yes. The use of this machine can apply in different situations, including when sous viding vegetables.

What of frozen steak, can the Joule sous vide prepare that?

Absolutely! This immersion circulator is designed with a powerful heating system, so it can even thaw the steak for you before it starts cooking it.

And the fact that it can predict how your steak will turn out makes it ideal for just about any user, so it won’t matter whether you are a pro or a first-time user.

Final Verdict

Does your steak overcook every time you prepare it? If so, the Joule sous vide immersion circulator can help you solve the problem.

With this machine, you will be able to prepare restaurant-grade steak and many other foods that can be cooked through the sous vide method.

And since it heats the water bath within a limited period, it will dramatically reduce your cooking time, allowing you to eat sooner.

To top it all up, the unit has a modern design, so it won’t look ugly in your kitchen.

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