VacMaster VP210 Review

Too busy to make a grocery run every few weeks? Need a long-term storage solution for your foods? Like every bulk buyer of food knows, the one thing topmost on your mind is its shelf life. As a busy working woman,

I was always looking to buy my meats and vegetables wholesale. I knew that storing the products in a household refrigerator would not give my foods the long life needed, especially considering the quantities I wanted to buy.

That’s when I found the VacMaster VP210, and there was no looking back! The VacMaster VP210 is my one-stop, professional solution for bulk vacuum packaging.

Perfect for packing sauces and marinades too, the chamber vacuum food sealer keeps my packaged food fresh and scent free for years!

Things To Consider

Specially Designed For

Sous vide Chefs :

  • Sous vide cooking requires a whole lot of marinating for spicing up and if you like bulk storing liquids and moisture-rich foods like marinades and sauces in a hassle free manner, choose the Vacmaster VP210.

Savings-savvy individuals

  • The Vacmaster is designed keeping your finances in mind. Anyone opting for a pricey product knows that durability is important.
  • They expect the product to be a self-maintained one and hopefully one that will not require replacements!
  • That is where this chamber vacuum food sealer delivers its 10/10 performance.

Significant Features and Benefits

Dry rocker piston pump has expert suction and sealing power and produces higher levels of vacuum, about 27-29hg as opposed to 24-26hg pressure levels of other non-chamber style suction machines.

This low maintenance dry pump means no-oil-changing fuss and lasts for decades- made for heavy, daily usage for household or commercial use!

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Double seal wire gets you a lasting seal that’s twice as stronger as other machines. It ensures reliable packaging and virtually no punctures post packaging.

Chamber technology packages foods like marinades and stews brilliantly.

When you place the package of liquid in the chamber, the chamber vacuum food sealer sucks the air out of the entire chamber,

regulating the same pressure in and out of the package, thereby keeping liquids in the package, unlike suction machines which usually suck the liquid out with air, resulting in failed seals.

75 assorted chamber pouches and filler plates allow a variety of packaging options and storage for different quantities of foods, especially with their customizable vacuum and seal methods.

The chamber size is (WxDxH): 11.25″ x15.25″ x 5″ and the largest pouch that can fit in the chamber is 10″ x 13″.

The removable 10-inch seal bar makes cleaning easy and a cycle time of maximum 1 minute makes fast work of both dry and wet foods.

More power is given to the user as the control panel has adjustable vacuum and seal time, digital time display and pressure indicator. It has a 72-pound stainless steel body and dimensions of (WxDxH): 14″ x 20″ x 15″.


  • Packages moisture-rich foods well.
  • Great suction and sealing power
  • Dry pump eliminates maintenance.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Repeat tasks easy with auto programmed settings.
  • Adjustable bag sizes/vacuum levels/seal time/cool time.
  • Keeps food 5x fresher.
  • 2x stronger seals.
  • Higher levels of vacuum than suction machines.
  • Handles high volumes.
  • Fast sealing time.
  • Easy to clean 10inch retractable seal bar
  • Lots of packaging and heat levels options.
  • BPA free and FDA approved bags.
  • Works with storage canisters.
  • Convenient see-through, automatic lid.
  • Responsive customer service.
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  • Heavy, space consuming machine
  • Needs periodic cool-down time.
  • Not NSF approved for commercial resale use.
  • Needs practicing to get seal time/bag size right.
  • The dry pump might make the machine run slow.
  • Only works with commercial flat bags.
  • Manual not precise with instructions.

Frequent Queries Addressed:

This chamber vacuum food sealer packs moisture-rich foods as well as dry foods. It can handle dried fruits, cocoa powder, and flour. Some powders may cake up, but you can always grind and use them.

Moreover, the largest bag that is 10x13in can fit at least up to 48 ounces of fluid easily. The VacMaster almost pays for itself, with all the food it prevents from getting spoilt! Meat portions and fish even stay fresh for two years at a time.

As for mishaps, while there was one time when the bag moved from the sealing bar while sealing, this is not at all something that frequently happens.

I had managed to fill the bag over, resulting in the said situation. If this ever happens to you, I guarantee you it’ll probably be a once in 500 seals kind of thing!

Insider Tips

  • It is better to keep the temperature of the liquid-being-packaged on the colder side. Warm or even room temperature liquid tends to expand and move towards the sealing area, causing failed seals.
  • Roll a flexible cutting board and place it at the opening of the bag. It would protect the sealing area. To stop fluids to cross over to the sealing area, use a small wooden bar under the bag and right below the sealing area to create a bump, keeping the product in place.
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Final Verdict

When it comes to my kitchen, I can become quite the researcher. And here’s what I’ve got: A low-maintenance machine with a powerful dry pump, the VacMaster is all durability and efficiency.

Indeed, it would give you the most value for your money, especially if you are marinating or packaging high amounts of flavorful moisture foods that you need to keep fresh for months- without freezer burn or dehydration!

With up to 3hg higher vacuum levels, fewer failures, and seals that are twice as stronger than other machines; there is NOTHING BETTER than the VacMaster for heavy household use.

It gives you full control of everything from bag size to seal time, and vacuum pressure and is fast to work and easy to clean. The VacMaster VP210 is the BEST investment I have made till date!

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