Top 11 Best Cast Iron Griddles

Modern cookware is convenient for preparing meals, and it enhances your kitchen’s interior. Usually, cast iron griddle pans come in different sizes and with side handles.

If you use non-stick types, you will enjoy cooking because the griddle pan’s surface will not consume part of your food. Also, iron griddles with high-heat resistance are suitable for frying some eggs and searing a few pork chops.

These pans might not have raised ribs like grills, but their flat pans allow you to cook fast. Depending on the quality, you can get affordable cast iron griddle pans for your kitchen.

You might be surprised to see some features that didn’t come with your old cast-iron griddle. While it’s important to consider the design of any pan, it should be easy to clean them.

When shopping for the best non-stick cast iron griddles, consider materials with durable designs. Many cast-iron griddles have sturdy pans, but their side handles lack the same quality.

Additionally, griddles without built-in handles will retain heat more and distribute it to your hands quickly. It’s more inconveniencing to hold these types of iron griddles even with gloves.

Consider what fits your purpose and style of cooking before picking a griddle pan. When you use the right kitchen cookware, it improves the passion for BBQ fish, steaks, and veggies. Also, griddle pans with superior build quality prevent you from early replacement costs.

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11 Best Cast Iron Griddles

#1. Fresh Australian Kitchen Double-Burner Griddle

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Do you need a dishwasher-safe griddle that allows you to test different culinary ideas? This Fresh Australian Kitchen cookware measures 20 x 10 inches, and it has a reversible (grill and griddle) design.

With this flat stove-top design, you might need to use 2 burners of your cooktop. Its cast-iron construction is rugged, and it offers even distribution of heat on the surface metal.

You can make pancakes, sandwiches, steaks, and small chops with this cookware. Apart from the build-quality, the ‘non-stick’ finish helps to preserve the flavor of foods.

Even beginner chefs can explore their food preparation skills with this cast-iron griddle. Also, its large-profile shape allows users to cook a variety of ingredients.


  • Handcrafted cast-iron design
  • An impressive heat retention
  • The weight (11.35 lbs) is heavy


  • It’s not a rustproof skillet.

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#2 Lodge Best Cast Iron Griddles

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Camping and other outdoor adventures can be fun with heavy-duty steel griddle and grill pans. This Pre-Seasoned Lodge Griddle comes with an 18-inch surface that allows you to cook quickly. Usually, steel materials are sturdy and they retain high temperatures.

Unlike other griddles, this pan is seasoned with a blend of vegetable oil. However, you need to apply some cooking oil on the surface to improve the convenience of using it.

The carbon steel (12-gauge) material and its release-oil finish distribute heat evenly. You can use this 18 x 10-inch surface metal for searing meat and making pancakes. Also, it’s compatible with the stove burners, make-shift campfire, ovens, and outdoor grills.


  • For heavy-duty applications
  • It’s suitable for both indoor and camp stoves
  • It’s effective and versatile


  • It’s not suitable for induction cooktops.

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#3. Camp Chef 24-Inch Reversible Griddle

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This model of Camp Chef Pre-Seasoned Griddle has a durable cast-iron construction. Apart from its efficiency in preparing meals, you can use this cookware on gas, induction, and electric burners.

It measures 16 x 24 inches (384 sq in.) with a wide surface that allows you to grill, sear, bake, fry, and roast. The design of its cooking area helps to maximize space.

Since it comes with a natural surface, this reversible cast-iron griddle is suitable for on-the-go cooking. Also, it comes with molded handles that are easy to grip.

Apart from its sturdiness, this 15-lbs has a one-inch (thickness) rim and a 3/4-inch interior. Normally, double-sided griddles are versatile and this Camp Chef is not an exception.


  • This griddle pan fits 16-inch stoves
  • It has a wide surface area
  • Reversible design


  • This griddle doesn’t work on single burner stoves.

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#4. Chef King Steel Griddle

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Chef King iron-cast griddle is easy to maintain. You can wipe the greasy surface of this griddle with paper towels.

During cleaning, the smooth and rounded edges of this griddle might prevent injuries to your fingers. This cookware comes with a stainless steel finish that suits commercial applications. Also, it measures 23 x 23 inches and fits large-scale meal preparations.

The quality of this heavy-gauge steel griddle ensures lifetime durability. Apart from its sturdiness, this indestructible steel material is resistant to stains from fats and oils of seasoned foods. Additionally, its stick-free surface is great for fries, pancakes, and BBQ steaks.


  • Commercial-grade griddle
  • It has elaborate handles
  • It fits regular stoves


  • The lip is too low, and might not keep grease from dripping from the surface.

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#5. Lodge LDP3 Reversible Griddle

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With sturdy cast-iron griddle pans, you can enjoy decades of outdoor and indoor preparation of grilled foods. This Lodge reversible griddle pan fits double-burner stoves, and it comes with a rugged material.

While it measures 16.75 inches, the surface comes with an easy-release finish that’s great for natural flavors of steak, hamburgers, veggies, and fish. However, this pre-seasoned surface is suitable for a range of food items.

After using this cookware, it’s important to wash and dry before rubbing the surface with cooking oil. The rim on this griddle is tough and it’s designed with small cut-out handles. Also, Lodge cast-iron stovetop griddle is versatile and durable.


  • It requires easy care
  • It’s suitable for searing, baking, frying, and broiling food items
  • Pre-seasoned surface


  • It might not be convenient to use this griddle on glass top stoves because of the rim.

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#6. VonShef Black Cast-Iron Griddle Plate

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VonShef cast-iron griddle pan has a superb design that fits preparations of delicious meals. This 18 x 10 inch has ample space to grill your sausages, bacon, fish, and veggies.

Its surface comes with natural oils, and the metal frame is built with diagonal handles. Don’t worry about these oils contaminating or ruining the taste of your food.

The heat treatment of this VonShef Black Griddle allows you to use it in ovens at 400 degrees. Also, its ‘easy-release’ design lubricates the surface metal with natural oils. After using and cleaning this griddle, rub the surface with cooking oil and allow it to dry.

Apart from this pre-seasoned cookware’s build quality, you can choose the side that fits your cooking style. However, both its smooth side and the grille allows you to enjoy fast searing and convenient food preparations.


  • Reversible design
  • You can use this cookware with ceramic, electric, induction, and gas burners
  • It preserves the authentic taste of meals


  • It might require much cleaning time because of grease/oil accumulations on the sides of this griddle/grille.

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#7. Sizzle-Q SQ180 Universal Little Griddle

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Do you need to make tasty omelets, pizza or roast coffee? Sizzle-Q Stainless Steel Griddle comes with an eye-catching design and smooth finish.

This full-width griddle measures 13 x 18 x 3 inches. You can use it with charcoal stoves and outdoor grills. Also, the superior design of an underside brace enhances the strength of the griddle’s steel.

With easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces, you don’t need to worry about the durability of this kitchen cookware. Unlike regular griddle pans, this SQ-180 model is a rigid construction with a 14-gauge material.

However, it fits more of large-scale cooking and outdoor use because of this an impressive griddle’s space-saving design. So, it fits a variety of ingredients to make your favorite stir-fries. Additionally, even heat distribution is better than regular grilles and pans.


  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • It’s designed with vents and a cross-brace system
  • Lightweight (9.7 lbs) griddle with high sidewalls
  • It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor use


  • The surface of this griddle is smaller than regular models.

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#8. All-Clad Anodized Griddle

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Usually, non-stick griddles have smooth surfaces that are efficient for searing and grilling meats. This All-clad griddle model comes with a scratch-resistant anodized surface.

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Without the anodized material, this double-burner griddle would lack a tough texture. Don’t worry about impacts that cause griddles to chip, and peel because these anodized steel interior and aluminum exterior surfaces are hard materials.

Another unique feature of this cookware is the blend of attractive and polished handles and rivets. It measures 13 X 20 inches and comes with a three-ply construction.

Apart from the durability, this All-Clad griddle presents contrasting accents of black and chrome. Additionally, this extra-large griddle sits above burners, and it’s easy to maintain.


  • Extra-large and anodized interior
  • Polished and riveted stainless steel handles
  • A three-ply construction


  • Since the base is raised above the surface of burners, it might not work with both induction and convention cooktop stoves.

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#9. Only Fire 23 x 16 Griddle

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This Only Fire Griddle has a universal design and it measures 23 x 16 inches. It’s a quality kitchen cookware that has even heat distribution.

The lustrous stainless-steel rectangular griddle. Also, this griddle has a webbed-grid design at the base that enhances its solid build quality. While you can use it on many gas burners, it’s easy to stack layers of food items on its deep pan.

Additionally, this Only Fire griddle’s non-stick surface is easy to clean and it doesn’t burn your food like regular griddles. Another impressive feature is its sidewalls that help you to flip and keep food on the pan.

It allows grease to flow through the trough and collect every dripping when you cook. Don’t worry about flare-ups because the rims are high.


  • An easy-to-clean griddle pan
  • A large surface area
  • It has a stick-free design


  • It could take a long period to heat your food with electric coil stove burners.

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#10. Cuisinart Griddle

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With an 18 x 10 inch double-burner griddle, you can heat sauce and stir-fry tasty meals at home and in outdoor locations. This Cuisinart Double-Burner Griddle is suitable for glass-top stoves, and it has a non-stick surface.

Its elaborate and riveted handles are polished stainless steel materials. Also, this ceramic and non-stick coat doesn’t contain toxic materials. Since the pan is hard-anodized aluminum material, you’ll enjoy fast, and even heat distribution.

Apart from the construction, this anodized surface gives the griddle its sleek design. Unlike regular specialty cookware, Cuisinart griddle has a raised edge that allows you to toss your cabbage, burgers, omelets, and pancakes easily.


  • Anodized finish
  • The surface is free from PTFE/PFOA and petroleum oil
  • The riveted handles are made from recycled stainless steel materials


  • The griddle might retain the strong odors of food even after washing it

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#11. Anolon Griddle

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Wouldn’t you like to use oven-safe and broiler-safe griddles that have non-stick surfaces? This 18 by 10-inch Anolon Gray Griddle comes three-in-one layers and the interior surface has a non-stick finish. The PFOA-free surface is ideal for cooking healthy meals.

As a premium-quality griddle, it’s weight is well-balanced and the metal is durable. Also, its heavy-duty construction promotes even distributions of heat. With this level of efficiency, you can use and keep this utensil safe for a long period.

The Secure Grip handles can resist 400 degrees heat of ovens. While they are easy to grab, you’ll enjoy comfortable grips with these padded side-handles. Apart from one unit of this Anolon double-burner griddle, you’ll receive a stainless steel turner that is dishwasher safe.


  • It comes with a pour spout that helps to drain fats and oil
  • The SureGrip handles is compact and has rivets
  • Durable construction


  • It doesn’t have a reversible design.

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How To Buy The Right Cast-Iron Griddles

One of the benefits of using well-crafted specialty cookware is the efficiency of cooking and stir-frying food ingredients. Since cast-iron griddles are durable, you should choose premium types when making a buying decision. Here are some features that can guide your search.

The Surface Area

While 20 X 13-inch griddles are suitable for preparing meals for a large number of guests, a 10 X 8- inch griddle with reversible design fits household use. However, the base of a full-width griddle often covers double burners of regular stovetops.

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Consider energy-saving metal constrictions of griddles because these types are eco-friendly. Also, the surface areas of griddles and grills might be pre-seasoned with natural oils.

Don’t buy pre-seasoned griddles that release toxins with oils because they can affect the taste of your healthy meals. Instead, non-stick griddles with small channels (troughs) help to drain fat and oil from your food.

The Quality Of Construction

Usually, cast-iron griddles come with blends of materials. The Cuisinart GG45 non-stick griddle has three layers of metal construction.

This type of griddle is impact resistant, and its layers are bonded. However, both the exterior and interior surfaces are anodized with Aluminum alloy at the center of the pan.

When you use commercial-grade griddles on charcoal stoves, the hardened anodized exterior layer can resist high temperatures. Also, a rugged construction increases the performance of specialty cookware.

Apart from the lasting strength of quality griddles, their reversible designs allow you to prepare food according to your culinary skills.


All kitchen cookware needs maintenance even when it involves simple cleaning methods. It’s important to take care of cast-iron griddles because we often need them to cook with even distribution of heat for a long period.

One of the ways of preserving the non-stick surface of griddles is to wash and dry them. Also, you should apply some drops of natural oils on their easy-release surfaces after a cleanup.

Consider griddles with riveted handles too. Unlike cut-out handles that often have little hold to grab the griddle, large side handles allow users to grip them conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some benefits of using premium cast-iron griddles?

Normally, regular griddles come with reversible designs that allow you to prepare food differently. You can grill steaks, fish and stir-fry chips and bacon.

Apart from the surface of griddles, their high sidewalls prevent foods from dropping on the ground. Also, non-stick surfaces help to preserve the flavor of food items because there’s a slim chance of getting them burnt during meal preparations.

Usually, burning and sticking conditions alter the appearance of foods. It could take some effort to wash sticky surfaces of griddles too.

The rectangular shape of flat griddles allows you to store conveniently. They might come with raised ribs and clearances at their bases, but griddles with space-saving designs are easy to store.

Is a double-burner better than a single-burner griddle?

Cookware manufacturers make different designs of griddles and skillets. However, it’s advisable to choose the style of the griddle that suits your cooking needs. Usually, single-burner griddles are smaller and they ensure quick distributions of heat across the surface of the pan.

With double-burner griddles, you can cook larger portions of food faster and enjoy the superior performance of the cookware. While this type of cast-iron griddle fits large meal preparations, the single-griddle often requires lesser heat to cook food.

How can I season the surface of my griddle?

Ensure a thorough wash with soap, and let the griddle dry. Spread a thin film of natural oil on the surface of your cookware and rub it gently. Don’t forget to use a clean sheet of paper towels during this process.

Allow it to dry and form a smooth cast-iron surface that glitters with oil. When you use seasoned non-stick griddles in ovens, place them on aluminum foil because they prevent oil stains.

Final Verdict

The extra-smooth finishes of these 11 griddles are added features that make them must-haves for kitchens. Since the marketplace is filled with a range of griddles, it’s better to buy premium models. Also, their non-stick surfaces prevent burns and food residue from accumulating on these pans.

You can keep them clean with simple hand-wash methods. However, you might need soapy water and scrub pads to keep them free from food odors.

One of the ways of making the right investments in kitchen utensils is to consider their build quality. You will enjoy the maximum satisfaction of culinary skills after using any of these products.

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