Top 10 Best Butter Keepers

Butter is and will continue to be an important part of our culinary experience. Nevermind the fact that it has a concentration of fat and calories, butter equally contains vital nutrients, especially vitamins A and E.

Specifically, you will find in butter 11%, 2%, 1% and 1% of the Reference Daily Intake of Vitamins A, E, B12, and K respectively. This is aside from the all-familiar great taste that it offers on a daily basis.

You will find butter generally indispensable to baked food such as cakes, bread, cookies, and many others. Even more integral to the daily routine of many people is the eating of fresh butter along with some other food. A spread of butter over bread to kick the day off is a common example.

However, butter is a product from dairy and no one can deny that such products degrade after a while if it is given to room temperature. As such, it would appear that it should be kept refrigerated when not in use unless it is salted water.

The truth is that there really isn’t any need to worry. Butter hardly ever gets spoilt. What happens to it is that if kept in room temperature above 70°F or exposed to light or oxygen it will become rancid.

That is often too bad for many bread and butter or toast lovers! They need their butter fresh and soft always just so they can fix a quick toast or spread it over bread in minutes.

Butter Keepers are designed to fill this gap. Unlike refrigerated butter that requires minutes to become soft, the ones stored in a butter keeper gives it freshness and softness that attend to urgency.

If you are in need of a butter keeper, you may have to read through our review of some of the top-rated ones out there. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

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10 Best Butter Keeper Reviews

#1. Sweese 307.103 Porcelain Butter Dish

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If you are keen on getting a butter keeper that is free of negatives, the Sweese 307.103 Porcelain Butter Dish appears to be one of the best options out of the few you will get.

It is made from sleek and gorgeous-looking porcelain, or china if you will. Before you open it up to the fresh butter you are holding up in it, the butter keeper will definitely provide nice appetizer to the eyes.

It comes in a plain color ranging from navy blue, white, orange to yellow, sky blue and light blue. Beyond its primary purpose, this rectangular piece will add cool aesthetics to your tables.

To say that Sweese 307.103 Porcelain Butter Dish is economic is an understatement. There is a small nob on the rectangular lid that makes it easy to open up to your well-kept butter. A-B-C could not be simpler.

The butter dish in addition to its simplicity and the aesthetic that it brings to the fore can also be used for small chops such as berries, cookies, cakes and so on.


  • It is ergonomic
  • It has great aesthetics
  • It has a fill line that keeps butter away from the edges
  • Different colors to choose from


  • The lid could be too heavy for anyone with arthritis
  • If not properly cared for, could get scratches

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#2. The original Bell Butter Crock, French Ceramic Butter Dish

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For many people, their preference for butter will always be a soft and spreadable one, as as such would not mind having this butter keeper as part of their kitchenware.

The butter keeper is made from top-grade china clay that will provide freshness and softness of up to 30 days for your butter. It has a bell-shaped top that fits perfectly with the butter holder and can be easily removed. The bell-shaped lid is designed to keep the butter while the base will contain cold water, ensuring freshness 24-7.

The original Bell Butter Crock comes in nine different colors from which you can make a selection. Before making a purchase, you can simply ask for the color of your choice. You know the one that works best for your optical “taste”.

Like most butter keepers, this one will also add some beauty to your kitchen or dining table. A slight edge it possesses, however, is the traditional charm that is reflected in the leafy design around the top of the holder. You are really going to be impressed by this feature.

In order for the crock to last for a long time, it is instructive that you keep it away from heat and replace the water at the bottom after every three days. You may end up using this one for a good number of years.

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  • Keeps butter soft and fresh for at least 30 days
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Nine different colors to choose from
  • Not containing lead or cadmium
  • Nice aesthetics


  • Storage capacity may not be enough
  • Sensitive to very high temperature
  • Sometimes the butter falls off into the cold water

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#3. Oxo good grip butter dish

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Fancy is the word to describe this particular butter keeper! Made with sleek-looking, stainless steel, it has a flat base measuring close to 8 inches from side to side and transparent, plastic lid.

There is a comfortable handle on either side of the base for moving is to and fro the kitchen. These handles, it must be mentioned, are perfectly non-slip. So, it appears the makers of the product know exactly why they named it “good grip” and are proud to use that as a selling phrase.

Just so the butter does not slide while cutting it, there are two stoppers at both sides of the dish. Another good thing is that you can also keep margarine in this keeper.

Many people prefer their kitchenware to be dishwasher-safe for obvious reasons. While it is good to hand-wash this keeper, you have the option to use the dishwasher without worries of scratches or any other sort of damage.

There is enough storage capacity in the keeper. If you have a long stretch of butter (up to 7 inches) to hold for many days, you can rest assured that this one will do just that conveniently.


  • Can keep both butter and margarine
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds long and short butter
  • Has two handles for easy movement
  • Transparent lid


  • The lid doesn’t stay fit most of the time

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#4. Arc International Luminarc Cow Butter Dish

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Arc International Luminarc Cow Butter Dish may look basic with its simple design. But the most important thing question is: Does it excel as a butter keeper? Yes, it does keep butter for a very long time.

The components are the same as other butter keepers. There is a base to hold the butter and a lid to open it up for taking. The base rather than flat like other keeper is, however, owlish giving it adequate capacity.

You will find the lid useful in two ways. First, it provides good coverage for the holder and is very easy to lift. Apart from that, it can function as a holder of ice cubes or crushed ice upon which the dish can be placed. This will give freshness to the butter over a long stretch of hours or during a buffet.

This butter keeper has a large capacity. You can use it to store as much as 2 sticks of butter conveniently. Putting each stick in the keeper is also easy.

The hygiene that it provides is a hundred percent. Therefore, this butter keeper gets rid of three “no-nos”: bad odor, need for refrigeration and spoilage.


  • The lid has more than one use
  • Transparent glass to monitor the level of butter
  • It is hygienic and wash resistant
  • Large room for 2 sticks of butter at most


  • Does not have a not, making is difficult to open
  • Must be handled with care

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#5. Rubbermaid’s Standard Butter Dish

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It is hard to find anyone who does not fancy the idea of “standard”, especially when it comes to home-use products. As the brand name suggests, this butter keeper provides standard providing butter with long-lasting freshness.

The product is made of thick plastic which is a rare material when it comes to butter keepers. The majority of them are made of China clay or ceramic. This crucial advantage to this is that it will not break (since it’s plastic) if you inadvertently drop it on the ground.

It is also easy to move this thing about. Whether you hold it at the base or by the lid or the base, the butter stays firmly in it. It is equally dishwasher safe and easy to clean with hands.

Another great feature of this keeper is that the lid will always close tightly after use. This is one common flaw to many butter keepers and the main reason why some people would rather deal with refrigerating their butter.

In brief, this keeper manages to tick all the dots of a great product as it could last for as long as 10 years. It could be more if you are someone who knows how to care for this kind of thing.


  • Not susceptible to spillage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to move about whether at base or lid
  • The lid shuts firmly
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  • Has no aesthetic advantage
  • Not easy to get the last of butter out

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#6. Butterie Flip-Top Butter Dish

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Butterie Flip-Top Butter Dish is an ambitious design that looks compact yet kind of fancy. This is unlike the regular butter keepers that have the lid separate from the base. Its lid is attached to the base which is non-slip, providing a flip-top opening.

The base has two handles for easy movement to and fro your kitchen or wherever you may wish to take it. This content will remain intact even when one appears to be a little bit clumsy.

It is said to be dishwasher safe but it is advisable that you perform handwashing because of the fancy design. The keeper is also microwave safe if you have a cause for such an activity.

Although small in appearance, Butterie Flip-Top Butter Dish has adequate space for 2 sticks of butter. You wouldn’t believe this until you give it a try.

This one will definitely keep your butter spreadable at all times. You get a butter spreader as a bonus and there is a space in the keeper upon which it is placed.


  • Comes in ten different shades of aqua colors
  • Microwave safe
  • Comes with a spreader
  • Easily movable
  • Lid snaps shut tightly


  • The plastic could break after a long while
  • Susceptible to the leaking of butter

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#7. Le Creuset PG0200-0967 Stoneware Butter Crock

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Whatever the level of temperature in your room, this traditionally-designed crock will leave your butter fresh and soft for quick use. It is made from stoneware that is high-fired, suggesting a high expectancy of durability.

What this means is that one you start using it, there is a minimal tendency for it to either chip or get stained. As kitchenware that adds rustic beauty to your home, Le Creuset PG0200-0967 Stoneware Butter Crock will hardly be marred by a scratch.

The keeper will take up to 1-1.5 stick of butter and this is held in the lid while the base can take water to give the butter freshness. However, it is advisable that you change the water every 3 days to keep the butter fresh.

It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This is because the interior is glazed with enamel ensuring that stains are easily removed. This is also good news for this who prefer to go through the stress of hand washing.

You cannot afford to allow this thing to drop, though. It is perhaps the only thing that could limit its durability. So, handling it with care is very instructive.


  • Not susceptible to scratches
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable
  • Fair enough capacity


  • Could break if care is not taken
  • Room temperature above 75°F could make butter slip in water

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#8. Norpro Glazed Stoneware Butter Keeper

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Here is another great countertop butter keeper that is made from glazed stoneware. Like other such products, this one from Norpro will add rustic beauty and attractiveness to your countertops.

It comprises a round lid within which butter is kept to the brim and a base for water. With water in the base changed after every 2-3 days, your butter is guaranteed freshness for weeks. You will likely forget that you own a fridge.

The lid has a nob-like handle at the top which makes the keeper easy to open. It can also rest safely on the table while you put in your butter. You do not want to be clumsy with it however as both base and lid are made of ceramic.

The capacity of Norpro Glazed Stoneware Butter Keeper is not much. It can only do one stick of butter but will deliver freshness and softness for at least 30 days.

This butter keeper is a great one for those who do not have the patience for hand washing. It is totally dishwasher-safe. You may also use it in the oven and microwave if you like.


  • Easy to use nob
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Fridge and microwave safe
  • Aesthetically nice
  • Provides up to 30 days of free


  • Vulnerable to chipping
  • Not good when the temperature is over 70°F

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#9. Dowan Porcelain Butter Keeper Crock

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Dowan Porcelain Butter Keeper Crock is another beauty to behold. It is made from porcelain material that makes it sturdy and resistant to scratches, cracks, and fading. The durability of the keeper is one that is, therefore, assures as long as you give it enough care.

Like regular butter crock, this keeper has a jar-like base and a round lid that hold the butter. And added advantage to fresheners that the base/water container holds is that it has a water line (in black) for correct measurement of the water.

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Another good thing you will love about it is the fact that it is lead-free and cadmium free. In today’s world, many people are wary of cookware and dishware that contain inimical chemicals. You have nothing to worry about with this one.

Many would dishwasher lovers will find it interesting that this butter keeper is dishwasher safe.

Additionally, Dowan Porcelain Butter Keeper Crock will keep your butter fresh for up to a month. This, of course, is as long as you regularly change the water in the base. The standard requirement for this is 2-3 days interval.


  • Resistant to cracks and scratches
  • Minimum of 30 days of freshness
  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • Has black water line in the base for measurement


  • Room temperature must be strictly adhered to

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#10. Sweejar Ceramics Butter Dish with lid keeper

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Here is one product that combines simplicity with stylishness. Made from porcelain ceramic, it has a flat base with curved edges and a lid with an easy to lift knob. What the knob guarantees is easy to use even for those with hand arthritis.

The capacity of the butter keeper is adequate enough for one full butter stick or close to two. Whether your preferences are east coast or west coast butter stick, it will give you complete satisfaction.

If you are one who would like to choose a particular that suits your dining table or kitchen set up, this brand has got you covered. It has seven different simple colors from which you can select before ordering.

In addition, the ceramic with which the keeper is made is totally non-toxic. You will get exposed to lead like some other butter dish out there.

Sweejar Ceramics Butter Dish with lid keeper is also dishwasher safe, meaning you never have to hand wash if you care not to.


  • Has a knob that makes it easy to open
  • Has a decent capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Large storage capacity
  • Lead-free
  • Has many color options


  • The lid does not seem with the dish
  • Can break if handled without

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it made in the USA?

Many of the butter keepers in the stores and online are not the USA made. Some are made in the far East and in Europe. Chances are that those from European countries such as France and the UK will give just as much durability as those made in the USA. Nonetheless, you will still get quality in a few from China and Thailand.

Is the butter keeper free of lead?

This is a tricky one. Makers often advertise that their products are lead-free but no one really knows for sure. The best bet is to know the pedigree of the product’s manufacturer before purchasing if you really care about having a non-toxic butter keeper.

How many sticks of butter will this fit?

The minimum storage capacity of a butter keeper ideally is one stick of butter. Anything short of that is unacceptable. Sometimes you will get a keeper that can conveniently hold 1.5 to 2 sticks of butter.

Does the lid fit tightly?

Normally, every butter keeper ought to have a tight lid because butter should not be exposed to too much oxygen. Unfortunately, you will find people complain about the lids of most butter keepers not shutting tightly enough. Few products are able to achieve this. It is advisable to get any model of the original French butter crock rather than a butter dish if having this problem.

Can I use the button of my butter crock to store butter and place it in a refrigerator?

This really is not necessary because the essence of a butter keeper is to have a substitute for refrigeration of butter. This is to keep the butter soft at all times yet fresh for use. That being said, if the product information states that you can use the butter crock base to store butter in a fridge, then you may go ahead and do so.

Final Verdict

Butter keepers are all over the market because of the value they create especially for people who love to make homemade food. Each of the items listed here will at the very least hold butter and keep it fresh and for at least 30 days. They will ensure that there is no longer the need to preserve in refrigerator. You may go through the review and decide on which one speaks to your needs.

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