Top 11 Best Beverage Tubs

Don’t disappoint your guests during the next house party or anniversary celebration. Serve them chilled drinks with portable beverage tubs and give them quality time.

If you run a mobile bar service, beverage tubs are must-haves because they ease the distribution of soda cans, wine, and beer bottles. It might not be convenient for bartenders to serve drinks from freezers. However, a full bucket of assorted drinks can be distributed to guests from one table to another.

Since these vessels allow people to serve drinks on-the-go, the best beverage tubs should have enough space for least a dozen bottles. Generally, guests like to party with many expectations.

Your favorite beverage tubs’ capacity should accommodate wine bottles, cans, and cocktail shakers. Usually, they come with elegant designs like cutout handles and oval shapes. Regardless of their shapes, they should be sturdy and keep your drinks cold.

Many beverage tubs are suitable for themed parties too. These types come with ergonomic designs. If you have a well-built home bar, it’s essential to add amazing collections of leak-proof beverage tubs.

Normally, many people prefer galvanized scrub buckets because of their resistance to rust and lightweight designs. However, an impact-resistant beverage tub can withstand the weight of big bottles, cans, cocktail shakers, and ice.

Apart from their capacity, durable beverage tubs are easy to clean. This ease of maintenance often brings much satisfaction for users. Other features determine the build quality of beverage tubs, and we shall analyze them in this buying guide.

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11 Best Beverage Tubs

#01. BirdRock Home Beverage Tub

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Do you need a metal beverage tub with decorative elements? BIRDROCK HOME Beverage Tub comes with a smooth stainless steel finish. It has double walls and easy-to-lift handles that fit every social gathering. Also, it can be used as an ice bucket.

This double-walled design prevents the metal container from discharging water vapor from cold beverages. It’s a smart way of keeping tabletop and serving areas dry during the party. The dimension of this accessory is 20 x 20 x 11.5 inches, and it can hold about 11 champagne bottles.

After dressing party tables, BirdRock Home beverage tub can enhance the appearance of an indoor event center. Its quality stainless steel material can complement outdoor table arrangements too.


  • It’s a 20-inch beverage tub with solid handles
  • A hammered exterior and double-wall design that prevents water vapor sweats
  • It’s easy to clean with warm water


  • Its exterior design has more quality than its interior surface.

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#02. BREKX Insulated Beverage Tub

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Add some glamour to your wedding party with BREKX Stainless Steel Beverage Tub. The design of this large-capacity beverage tub fits both outdoor and indoor refreshment service. It measures 15 x 15 x 7 inches, and its 6-lbs lightweight allows bartenders to transport it easily.

The minimum time it takes to keeps drinks chilled with this beverage tub is about 10 hours. While waiting for all the guests to arrive at your family gatherings, you can impress them by displaying chilled drinks on their tables.

Additionally, the base of this container and its outer walls have a hammered finish that reduces any chances of leaks. You don’t need to worry about sweats from melting ice when using this insulated BREKX beverage tub.


  • The material is resistant to rust and doesn’t contain lead
  • Durable and leak-proof construction
  • Smooth and polished steel handles


  • The handles are not sturdy enough to withstand the weight when this beverage tub is used at its optimum capacity.

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#03. SKOL Tribe Acrylic Beverage Tub

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Apart from drinks, this SKOL Tribe acrylic beverage tub can serve as a fruit bowl. Generally, it’s useful for refreshment and catering activities. The widest part of this transparent bowl is 14 inches, but its height is 10 inches.

You can use it as an ice bucket during parties. Its 4.5-inch oversized handles are thick and easy to lift. While the capacity of this beverage tub is 2 gallons (8 liters), it comes with a shape that allows room for bottles to wiggle.

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Since it has elaborate handles, you can fill the tub with heavy bottles and carry it comfortably. Also, this unique design allows you to use this chiller bucket for storing ice cubes and holding about 4 champagne bottles.


  • This tub is made from food-grade materials
  • It can be used as a salad bowl and ice bucket
  • It comes with ergonomic designs


  • This plastic tub is very fragile.

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#04. Twine Cheers Beverage Tub

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With this Twine Cheers Tub, you can enjoy glasses of chilled drinks during your social events. It’s a galvanized tub for ice, cans, and bottles.

This thick stainless steel craft comes as a rustic (white) finish that fits outdoor refreshments and events. It comes with sturdy handles with double rivets on both sides. As a quality material, it gives you a nice style of presenting cold beverages.

You can enhance your bar with this beverage tub because of its rustic design. This Cheers beverage tub allows you to share every relishing moment of entertainment with your guests. Also, this Twine model is durable, and its dimension is 13.5 x 23 x 9.25 inches.


  • It comes with farmhouse decor elements
  • The holding capacity is 6.3 gallons
  • Galvanized tin beverage tubs are easy to clean


  • It sweats and leaves water on tables.

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#05. BREKX Old Tavern Copper Tub

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With beverage tubs that can hold 15 quarts of drinks, you can stack 5 bottles of wine conveniently. This BREKX Beverage Tub has an elegant appearance and it’s made from rust-resistant materials. It’s a leak-proof container that measures 13 X 13 X 8 inches.

If you are organizing a big party, you need a reliable beverage bucket that allows you to serve guests with fewer hassles. Also, this lead-free tub comes with a copper finish that allows for easy identification. Its unique design and antique finish can enhance your kitchen and event hall.

When it’s used outdoor, the outer surface of this tub glows under sunlight and attracts people. However, its copper finishing shows a quality galvanized metal that’s durable. Unlike a regular beverage tub with the poor build quality, this BREKX model can preserve ice for hours.


  • Built with tavern copper coats
  • Its height is 8 inches tall, and the diameter is 13 inches
  • A leak-proof design


  • It has a small capacity for only three bottles of wine.

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#06. Prodyne Beverage Tub

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This Prodyne wine bucket measures 12.5 x 8.5 x 9.75 inches; it’s BPA-free and impact-resistant. It has an elegant design of sturdy plastic materials (styrene polymer) and a smooth finish. Your next outdoor event needs some touch of class.

With the stylish design of this beverage tub, you can hold bottles of wine, beer, plenty of ice, and chilled soda cans. It allows an assortment of drinks on the ice during an event. Also, this tub is durable and can be used as an ideal gift idea for friends and family.

Apart from the sophisticated appearance of this Prodyne tub, the ease of cleaning it is impressive. So, its design is a blend of functionality and luxurious appearance.


  • Its BPA-free property allows you to use it as a fruit bowl
  • It’s made from lightweight styrene polymer
  • A smooth finish and durable construction


  • The impact resistance of this beverage tub is low.

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#07. BirdRock Home Beverage Tub with Stand

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The stand of this galvanized BirdRock Home beverage tub offers stability. With a rugged construction of wrought iron, this 4-legged stand elevates the beverage tub and helps to display cold drinks.

It’s easy to detach this beverage tub from its holder when you need to pour out melting ice cubes. Also, it comes with a bottle opener and stringed handles. This BirdRock Home beverage tub has a lightweight of 5 lbs and measures 21 x 10 inches (Diameter X Height).

It can contain about 10 bottles of wine (or champagne), and over two dozens of bottled beer. Keep your refreshments very cold and serve on-the-go during your party. Additionally, it’s convenient to store ice with this beverage tub because its holder can withstand its weight when it’s full.

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  • Galvanized metal with a built-in bottle opener
  • A stylish design of two wooden handles
  • Easy to transport and clean


  • The welds on the beverage tub holder are not sturdy.

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#08. GET Copper Beverage Tub

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GET beverage tub comes with an elegant design of antique copper finish. This 3-gallon container is built to hold bottled soda, wine, beer, and water. Also, the retro handles are made from woven threads, and they enhance the appearance of this stainless steel beverage tub.

As quality craftsmanship, you’ll enjoy the solid construction of this tub. Apart from serving chilled drinks and ice, it’s suitable for displaying your stock at the bar. While this GET beverage tub is easy to clean, its steel material is durable.


  • Antique copper accent
  • Stylish handles
  • 3-gallon capacity


  • It doesn’t have a double-wall design.

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#09. TableCraft Beverage Tub

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Are you planning to serve assorted wine and your favorite champagne to guests? Tablecraft beverage tub allows you to serve drinks stylishly.

It comes as a galvanized and oval bucket design with a large capacity for long and short bottles. It measures 22.8 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches and this capacity can serve dozens of guests.

Apart from using this tub to entertain guests, you can store chill bottled water for hours. Since it’s made from galvanized steel materials, it’s a quality barware for every occasion.

This durable container is suitable for holding short bottles of beer, and soft drinks. Also, its leak-proof design helps you to store ice and worry less about water leaks.


  • Easy-to-use handles
  • It’s easy to wash with hands
  • Low-maintenance galvanized material


  • This beverage tub doesn’t have a scratch-proof design.

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#10. Behrens Steel Tub

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This model of Behrens is a multifunctional beverage tub with a 5-Gallon (18 liters) capacity. It’s resistant to pest invasion, and weather conditions. Apart from using it a display for drinks and ice, you can plant flowers and store household cleaning materials with this tub.

High-Grade steel materials with galvanized finishes are better alternatives to plastic tubs. As a quality tub with rounded and offset base, you can keeps this tub off the ground.

The sealed base reduces the risk of leaks for chilled drinks and ice cubes. Also, this round tub has a wire-reinforced rim that enhances the strength of its materials.

You can store refreshing beverages, and serve a large number of guests with this tub. After using it for any purpose, this lightweight (2.2 lbs) container will not retain odors like other plastic tubs.


  • It is made with recyclable materials
  • A 5-Gallon capacity
  • Hot-dipped Steel that’s resistant to corrosion


  • This beverage tub comes with a lot of stickers/labels on its body. So, it might be difficult to remove them without leaving sticky residue on the round tub.

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#11. Achla Designs C-55 Beverage Tub

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Do you need lightweight beverage tubs that can be used to plant flowers on your patio? This Achla Designs C-55 model has a large oval and old-fashioned design. Apart from using it as a tub to chill beverages, you can use it as a container to feed livestock.

Its classic appearance, easy-to-carry handles, and galvanized steel body are unique qualities that help identify this tub easily.

If you have a large storage of household items, picking this Achla Oval tub shouldn’t be a hassle. Also, this tub comes in different (small, medium, large) sizes.

Since its made from galvanized (zinc-coated) steel, you will enjoy its high resistance to corrosion. With this feature, you can use the beverage tub for a long period.


  • It’s a cost-effective beverage tub because it serves multiple applications
  • Durable constructions with rust-proof design
  • It has water-sealed seams


  • It doesn’t have aesthetic designs.

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What To Ensure When Buying Beverage Tubs

Materials Safety

While regular beverage tubs have metal designs, this barware might come as plastics. Usually, they are designed to chill drinks, store ice, and food items like fruits.

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It’s important to ensure that your choice of beverage tub doesn’t contain toxic materials like lead and BPA. However, galvanized tubs are common because they are coated with materials that resist corrosion.

A beverage tub that’s made from polypropylene might be durable, but you should consider food safety when planning to serve chilled drinks and water at a party. Additionally, easy-to-clean tubs are safer and suitable for holding consumable items.

The Ease Of Use

Most beverage tubs have user-friendly handles and ergonomic designs. However, a perfect design includes the ease of using the tub. If it’s handy, there should be no worries about using them outdoors.

During the summer, you can organize parties by poolside or in the garden and serve guests chilled beverages. As a good host, portable party kits help you to organize events properly. Beverage tubs that are supported with metal stands are easy to display drinks.

Leak-proof Design

Regardless of materials, shapes, and sizes; a functional beverage tub should have a leak-proof design. Usually, a tub with an insulated body can hold melting ice cubes without worrying about water leaks. Also, non-sweat tubs with double-wall designs are great.

Apart from their aesthetic properties, they save you the embarrassment of messing up party tables with water leaks.


Some beverage tubs like the BirdRock Home model comes with a large metal stand. It helps to keep a loaded tub in a stable position and chill drinks. However, tubs that come with both stands and built-in trays allow you to hold an assortment of beverages.

These types often have multiple layers that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Also, the quality of a beverage tub’s construction must be top-notch. They can have hammered, plain, or embossed designs too.

Usually, handmade tubs are designed with decor themes that improve the appearance of interiors. While you use them to present drinks and fruits, their unique finishes often attract people. So, consider beverage tubs with blends of functionality, quality, and designs.

Space-saving Design And Affordability

You will find many affordable models of beverage tubs. Generally, steel tub is more durable and expensive than plastics. Depending on their quality, tubs with water-sealed seams and other properties will offer more value to buyers.

While these qualities of beverage tubs determine their prices, you can get high-end models that match your preferences. Also, tubs with woven handles and slim-profile shapes often have space-saving designs. You need a large floor and storage spaces for these types of beverage tubs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I consider when looking for ice buckets with stylish designs?

While it’s important to consider the functionality of beverage tubs, their shapes and styles are complementary. Consider the finishes of beverage tubs that will match the interior or exterior designs of your event space. Usually, ice buckets with sleek designs are great options for social occasions.

What other functions can I do with beverage tubs?

Generally, beverage tubs serve as containers for chilling drinks and prevent water leaks on the tables of customers and guests. They are essential barware for household and commercial use.

Apart from celebratory events, a mid-sized beverage tub with sturdy handles can serve as planters for indoor and outdoor flowers. While pets can use a beverage tub for baths, it also serves as a container to hold firewood during chilly seasons.

Final Verdict

One of the essentials of organizing a successful party or operating a bar is to have well-built beverage tubs. While holding drinks with ice, you can put them on display and close to guests during parties. However, you can pick a favorite tub from our list of high-end models.

Many of these beverage tubs have stylish and rust-resistant designs. They have been carefully picked to provide long-lasting service for smart buyers. Also, each of these beverage tubs can hold an average of 4 bottles of champagne and wine.

You might need to pick a tub that comes with a rugged stand because it saves the stress of lifting large volumes of chilled drinks during your event.

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