Weston Pro 2300 – Guide and Review

I’m a big foodie- I love eating and cooking food and usually cater out my skills as a side business.

However, back in the day, I regularly had a hard time storing vast amounts of semi-prepared food before a big order.

The refrigerator could only take so much, and when I had a bunch of orders lined up, I needed a long-term storage solution and fasted.

When my mother heard about my plight, she sent me the Weston pro 2300. Believe it or not, but it felt like Christmas all over again!

Good for commercial settings, the Weston food sealer has a conveniently long seal bar, so bagging whole foods became a breeze, and I was able to keep,

Even marinated foods fresh for months! EXCEPTIONALLY SIMPLE to use, I do long hours of packing without the machine getting heated up.

My catering has been seeing GLOWING RECOMMENDATIONS, all because of my Weston food sealer!

Designed For

Food business owners: Those in the food selling/reselling business know how important it is to preserve the freshness of the fare, especially in bulk quantities.

If you are usually pressed for time and have needs that involve packaging food fast, choose the channel type Weston pro 2300.

Farm-to-table/Field-to-table: Hunters, fishermen, and gardeners all have a significant need for quality storage. Fresh game or produce cannot be consumed all at once, and you might not be able to freeze it for very long,

Without added, precautionary measures like sealing. If you are such a natural food enthusiast, the Weston vac sealer is yours to claim

Collectors: Professional collectors of coins, old paper money, or simply those who enjoy a long trip back to memory lane usually look for sealers that will keep their precious documents and photographs from getting torn and preserve the ink from fading.

The Weston food sealer promises airtight bagging fit for such uses.

Healthy Eaters: If you hate wastage and love food, you need a sealer that can bag up your leftovers and preserve the flavor until such time when you can enjoy it again.

Working people cannot take the trouble to cook from scratch every evening, and if you are one of those who wants to store semi-prepared (spiced or marinated) goods that you can quickly thaw out and prepare effortlessly, this sealer is your best bet.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Sturdy double piston pump seal bar and 935 Watts of power: Weighing 14.4lbs, this vac sealer is built for durability and strength.

Using a whopping 935 Watts of power, the Weston sucks up to 28hg of vacuum, giving you a quality seal.
Work is faster, and the seal bar makes sure the open end of the bag remains well locked.

  • Fan cooled motor: This vac sealer comes with a fan cooled motor that prevents overheating so that you can do almost continuous packaging without stopping for cooling down time.
  • Transparent, acrylic lid and LED Lights: The Weston Pro 2300 comes with a translucent,

Acrylic lid that helps to align the bag correctly while sealing and its LED lights allow you to monitor the sealing process throughout.

Whether it’s moist food like a fresh game or dried or powdered foods, you can expect all professionalism with the Weston.

  • Stainless steel body: The Weston vacuum food sealer has a body made of stainless steel and measures 15.3 x 23 x 9-inches.

While slightly on the heavy side, in its defense, it has a built-in drawer to store a detachable cord that comes with it.

Highly enduring and with replaceable parts on offer, like its seal bar, this machine will outlast every other sealer you ever had!

  • Auto and Manual modes: With this DIY vacuum sealer, you can choose between sealing your goods automatically with its one-touch operation and customize the sealing process manually.

Most tasks will just require you to press start. However, when sealing softer or more delicate foods, the manual control option allows you to set the pressure times the freshness:

Vacuum packaging makes sure that your foods don’t degrade in quality due to the permeation of oxygen or through freezer burn. With up to 6 times the freshness that other sealing options can give you,

And taste and longevity to boot, your quality of life gets a big boost with the Weston!

  • Extra-long 15-inch Teflon seal bar: Offering the longest seal bar IN THE INDUSTRY, with a width of 5mm, gives you strong, dependable seals each time, even though moisture.
  • Savings: Be it from buying wholesale, from little wastage of food and bags, from cheaper bags, from reduced eating out costs,
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Or from time and effort, savings will pour in from each and every aspect, thanks to the Weston sealer. If it takes a chunk out of your wallet at first, it pays for itself all throughout, afterward!

Keep In Mind


  • Helps with commercial/heavy use
  • Durable, stainless steel build.
  • Powerful suction-935 Watts.
  • Made in Taiwan, not China.
  • Longest Teflon seal bar (15-inch) – suitable for whole food packaging.
  • Wide seal bar-5mm for more secure seals.
  • One touch and manual sealing methods
  • An internal fan helps keep the machine.
  • It automatically shuts down when overheated.
  • Seals through moisture.
  • Seals whole foods.
  • Works with bags and bag rolls.
  • Seals documents and collectibles to keep from spoiling.
  • 6x fresher food
  • Acrylic, transparent lid helps you achieve alignment.
  • Comes with replaceable parts.
  • Quiet machine.
  • Less wastage of bag material.
  • Ease of operation
  • Cheap bags.


  • Consumes space on the kitchen countertop.
  • It does not come with a built-in bag cutter.
  • It does not have internal bag roll storage.
  • It does not have an accessory port- cannot seal canisters or jars.
  • Cannot do liquid foods too well.
  • Only able to seal VacMaster bags well.
  • A little more expensive than other channel vacuum sealers.

What You Should Know:

The Weston works well for years. Just because the sealing parts are replaceable does not mean they need frequent replacement. My seal tape had to be replaced only after years of heavy use.

You might have to push down on the lid to get it to seal at times. That does NOT mean your machine is defective. It is not a usual occurrence either.

When sealing and packing cooked or marinated meat, make sure the sealing area is super clean before you start. I have been using this DIY Vacsealer with my marinated meats and whole fowl. It has not caused me any problems so far.

The duty cycle for this unit is long. I like giving it a 20-second break because it is a machine after all and it gets a whole lot done for me, so I like being careful with it. But as mentioned before, the unit will shut itself down if it overheats, so it takes care of itself on that front.

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Tips and Tricks:

Understand that this channel type vac sealer is not for sealing completely runny products like sauces.

Because of its powerful suction, it may suck your product out into its pump, inflicting some damage.

If you MUST seal liquids, be sure to keep the quantities small so that you have more control over setting the vacuum pressure.

Pre-freeze moist foods like meats and mangoes. Put your product in a packet, fold the end and let it sit in the freezer for a while.

The folding keeps the ice crystals from forming on the food and helps the juices from getting into the seal area. The seals will now come out stronger!

Customers have complained that the Weston bags leak and the food gets freezer burnt. On calling QUALITY MATTERS,

I was informed that previously used Weston designs changed because they infringed on the patent rights of another vac seal machine manufacturer: the VacMaster.

The VacMaster bags are, therefore, a better fit for this device. On usage, I’ve realized that this is sound advice. My bags have not had a single failure from then on!

Final Verdict

Easy to use, even for absolute novices, the Weston Pro 2300 is a powerful, channel type suction machine.

With the LONGEST SEAL BAR IN THE MARKET, the sealer is brilliant with whole foods, moist foods, fresh game, fresh produce and even collectibles like coins and documents that need to be kept secure.

Yes, it is slightly pricier than other countertop Vac sealers, but when I think of all the long-lasting, continuous packing and reliable storing it does for my little business, not to mention all the wastage it does NOT do,

I find it all worth it! Not a day goes by when I don’t thank my stars for the incredible stroke of luck that’s my Weston!

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