11 Best Vacuum Sealer for Liquids

By using the right vacuum sealer, you can effectively preserve your liquids the same way you would any solid food. This will prevent the liquids from mildewing, oxidizing, and also limit the growth of bacteria.

With the help of the machines that are highlighted on this review list, you will be able to keep your stews, marinades, brines, and soups in perfect condition for several months without them going bad.

Plus, vacuum sealing preserves the flavors of the ingredients that you may have used when concocting your liquids.

As such, your soups won’t lose their mouthwatering taste provided that you use a reliable vacuum sealer.

If you are having a difficult time choosing from the options available on the market, you can consider using this article as a reference point to getting the vacuum sealer that will best suit your liquid sealing needs.

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11 Best Vacuum Sealer for Liquids

#1 Avid Armor USV32 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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Featuring a highly advanced chamber technology, the Avid Armor USV32 has everything that any user would need when vacuum sealing liquids.

This equipment is very easy to load since the lid is made of a transparent material, which allows you to see the placement of the bag opening as you make the required alignments.

As a result, the bag will be sealed accurately without leaving some of the liquid out. The control panel is fitted with a display, which will provide you with precise vacuum time readings.

Apart from that, the display also shows the seal time, thus making it even more reliable. The dry piston pump on this vacuum sealer will provide you with high vacuum pressure that enables you to seal both runny and thick liquids.

In fact, you can even vacuum seal sauces and soups for later use. One thing that you will like about this vacuum sealer is its straightforward and simplistic design.

Besides, all the touch buttons are labeled according to the function that they perform, so just about anyone can use this vacuum equipment.

This machine relies on a cleverly designed circuitry system, which will help you seal your liquids in bags with a simple touch of the controls. Moreover, it has an auto-vac function, so the machine will do all the hard work for you.

The only thing that you may be required to do is to portion and put the liquids inside the vacuum pouches. Additionally, you can adjust the timer according to the size of the bags that you are using.


  • Equipped with a double-seal wire
  • Stainless steel construction for maximum durability
  • Sleek design


  • Somewhat noisy
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#2 FoodSaver FM2435 Vacuum Sealer Machine

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FoodSaver is one of the highly raved brands when it comes to designing high-quality vacuum sealers, so you can rest assured that the FM2435 won’t disappoint you when vacuum sealing liquids.

This machine is safety certified, meaning that it poses no threat to the user, and neither does it contaminate food.

By using this equipment, you can preserve your liquids inside a freezer for up to three years, and they will still be flavorful.

The vacuum sealer features a convenient lock-and-latch design, which allows users to operate the machine with one hand.

As such, you’ll be able to keep the upper lid shut with a simple turn of the latch. In addition to this, the unit has easy-to-read LED indicators that will alert you when the bag has fully been vacuum sealed.

Also, the onboard roll storage will give you quick access to the vacuum pouches, so you just have to ensure that the machine has enough bags at all times.

As if that is not enough, the FoodSaver FM2435 is designed with a reliable cutter, which can slice through vacuum bags effortlessly without wasting your time. With this accessory in place, you will be able to seal the liquids without relying on scissors.

According to the manufacture, the FM2435 can make up to sixty seals consecutively without the motor blowing out.

Upon purchase, you will also get a handheld sealer, which can assist you when preserving liquids in canisters, zipper bags, and any other type of container that you want to use.


  • Space-saving design
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to use


  • Prior preparation is required before vacuum sealing the liquids
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#3 VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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You can tell that the VacMaster VP210 was built to last just by looking at its outward design. Well, the inner components are just as durable, making this machine one of the units that you can consider adding to your kitchen.

Most vacuum sealers on the market may give you a hard time when vacuum sealing liquids, but that is not the case with the VP210. It uses a unique chamber technique, which allows it to create strong seals without sucking in liquids.

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The machine is able to achieve this function because it equalizes the pressure inside and the areas surrounding the bag, so the liquid will stay inside the vacuum pouch throughout the process.

This increases the integrity of the seals that are created and also prevents the machine from being flooded.

When using this vacuum sealer, ensure that the lid is tightly closed since this will determine the type of seal that you will get.

Besides, this machine can vacuum seal liquids and other semisolid foods to a vacuum level of between 27-29 hg. And because it creates double seals on each bag, the liquid will just be as fresh as the day you froze it.

The machine is fitted with both digital and analog displays for user convenience. Through this, you will always be up to date with the current operational status of the equipment.

To top it all up, this equipment has well-designed feet, which will lock firmly onto your countertop, thus preventing the sealer from moving unnecessary when it is in use.


  • Maintenance-free pump design
  • The machine is customizable
  • Practical


  • A bit heavy
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#4 VAC-VIDA VS301 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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Like the model just before it, this vacuum sealer features a stainless steel housing, which is not only stylish but also durable.

The fact that it is painted black means it can blend well with a wide range of kitchen décors. More to this, the machine is equipped with a dependable oil pump that can run continuously, thereby allowing you to seal multiple bags without the machine stalling.

Plus, the casing has several vent holes, which prevent the unit from heating up excessively. Consequently, this prolongs the lifespan of the components, so you won’t have to repair or replace any of the parts from time to time.

The multi-control interface has a user-friendly design and is also strategically placed at the front to allow for quick and easy access when making customizations.

When using this unit, you can select the preferred sealing temperature, seal length, and pump time.

As such, it will allow you to create custom-size vacuum bags that can easily fit inside your freezer. This chamber sealer can work with virtually all types of vacuum pouches.

Nevertheless, you have to go for bags that are of good quality to get the airtight seals that you need.


  • Superior build quality
  • Versatile
  • Comes with 100 pieces of vacuum pouches


  • May take time when sealing large bags
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#5 Weston Pro-2500 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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The Weston Pro-2500 is designed with an oversized chamber that allows you to vacuum seal large bags without encountering any problem.

Also, the lid is made from a see-through material that will enable you to monitor the pouches as they are being sealed.

Since the lid is weighted, it will stay closed as the machine runs, thus maximizing the effect of the vacuuming process.

The control interface is designed with your convenience in mind and is equally easy to read. That’s not all; this machine is fitted with a sturdily built air-cooled motor that delivers optimum vacuum pressure when sealing large or small bags.

To add to this, you can increase or decrease the vacuum strength according to your requirements. Despite being powerful, this unit can vacuum seal pouches without rapturing them.

With that being said, the seals that will be created will be free of air, so fungi and mold won’t infest the food.

The base of this machine is designed for stability, so you won’t have to worry about it toppling over. This equipment can withstand heavy-duty use, thanks to the premium quality materials used in the construction.

It can seal a large number of bags per session, so you can go for this vacuum sealer knowing that it will assist you greatly when preserving liquids.


  • High performance
  • Safe for users
  • Long-lasting


  • Requires a lot of space
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#6 NutriChef PKVS70STS Vacuum Sealer Machine

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The chamber vacuum sealer from NutriChef has amazing features that will help you seal liquids correctly without exposing them to air.

With a 350-Watt suction motor, this equipment can effectively extract air from vacuum pouches, thereby prolonging the shelf life of your liquids.

The sealing process is automated, so you just have to initiate the function that you need using the available controls. To make it even more convenient, the controls are touch-sensitive.

Moreover, the NutriChef PKVS70STS can even be used when sealing canisters. Simply connect the air suction hose and the machine will be more than ready to vacuum seal any airtight container.

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The manufacturer also provides you with ten pieces of vacuum pouches, which are microwavable.

Additionally, the bags are washable, so you can reuse them multiple times. This will lower your costs since you won’t have to buy vacuum bags every now and then.

The surface of this machine has a durable finish, which is equally stain resistant. As such, you will be able to wipe off surface stains by simply using a damp cloth.

You also won’t have to worry about durability because the casing is constructed from premium quality stainless steel. This means that the vacuum sealer can withstand even the harshest kitchen environments.

The control center is not only placed on the front panel but is also fitted with soft-touch buttons for easy operation.


  • Ideal for commercial and home usage
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Multi-functional


  • The power cord is a bit short
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#7 Waring Commercial WCV300 Vacuum Sealer

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The strongly built vacuum sealer by Waring Commercial can be an excellent addition to any kitchen or restaurant.

It has a large capacity vacuum chamber, which can accommodate pouches of different sizes, so you can vacuum seal liquids in both large and small quantities.

However, the bags should not be filled to the brim since this may lower the integrity of the seal. That said, only put a favorable amount that will give the machine enough room to create an airtight seal.

The seal bar on this machine is very long, so the bags will be sealed from end-to-end. Furthermore, the heat sealant is dual-tipped, meaning that each vacuum pouch will have two seals.

This guarantees you that the liquid will preserve its freshness for a very long period. The possibility of both seals breaking is also minimal, so the bags will stay sealed until that time that you will decide to open them.

In addition to this, the control panel is slightly angled to give users a direct view of the read-outs. This feature also allows for easy customization since all the controls are at your disposal.

Once the lid is shut, the pump will suck all the air from the chamber and the pouch, hence creating a vacuum that will prevent bacterial growth.


  • Easy to clean
  • High quality
  • Not as heavy


  • The chamber is somewhat shallow
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#8 BestEquip DZ 260S Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine

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BestEquip provides you with a reliable vacuum sealer that will ensure your liquids stay fresh for the longest time possible.

The unit is equipped with a timer, which you can customize as per your needs. It also has a vacuum meter that will provide you with correct readings as the pump sucks the air from the pouches.

This machine will provide you with an exceptional vacuum effect, thus making the freezer bags void and unconducive for mold, bacteria, and fungi.

The components are designed with great detail to prevent possible malfunctions and other complications that may affect the machine when it is in use.

When it comes to heat dissipation, this equipment features a well-built ventilation system, which allows the excess heat to escape freely into the surrounding environment.

As a result, the motor and the heating element will operate at a favorable temperature, thereby preventing damage to the machine.

Since the upper part of the lid is slightly raised, you will have more space to fit large vacuum bags. This vacuum sealer is microcomputer-controlled, so you can get it to work by simply closing the lid and pressing the start button.

More to this, the machine is fitted with four feet, which will provide you with optimal stability by minimizing slippage.

That said, you can place this equipment on just about any flat surface without it moving an inch.


  • Equipped with a safety switch
  • Anti-scratch feet
  • Transparent lid


  • The instructional manual is not as clear
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#9 Vertical Chamber Vacuum Sealer by Vesta Precision

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If your countertop has limited space, the Vertical Vac Elite may just be the right vacuum sealer for you.

You will be happy to know that you can place this equipment in a horizontal or vertical position depending on the available space. It will provide you with quality results either way because the placement has zero effect on the vacuum chamber.

Aside from being stylish, this machine has an upgraded appearance that will make your kitchen look more modernized.

Furthermore, its color can match with a wide range of kitchen fixtures, making this one of the options that you can buy, especially if you are looking to take your kitchen to the next level.

In addition to being elegant, this device has advanced features that will make all vacuum tasks easy.

The digital control center will allow you to make effortless adjustments to the machine, so you will be able to apply the vacuum level that best suits the liquid that you are packaging.

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Plus, the unit is fitted with a large door, which allows for easy accessibility to the vacuum chamber. Attached to the door is a sturdily built handle, which has an attractive silver finish.

The vacuum chamber has hooks, which will secure the bag when the machine is placed in a vertical position.

More on the hooks, they are movable, so you can adjust them according to how large or small the vacuum pouch is.


  • Very efficient
  • Classy
  • Innovatively designed


  • Finding the perfect setting for vacuum sealing liquids can be a bit challenging
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#10 PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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You can easily program the PolyScience 300 Series to give you the vacuum strength that you need when sealing different types of liquids.

This feature makes it a suitable option for modern-day kitchens since it can help you create strong seals when preserving brines, stews, marinades, just to mention but a few.

Because the sealer is equipped with a dry piston pump, it won’t require regular maintenance. The vacuum chamber has an airtight design, so the machine won’t take as long when removing air from the bags.

This unit also has preset cycles that you can customize at will. Thanks to its dome-shaped lid, you will have extra headspace when vacuum sealing large pouches.

In as much as the lid is transparent, it is made from a strong material that is equally impact resistant. As such, it won’t break easily in case cutleries such as forks or spoons fall on it accidentally.

This equipment is built from stainless steel, so expect it to last. Also, the internal circuitry is resilient to moisture, thereby making this machine even more durable.

The quick access control panel enables users to adjust both vacuuming and sealing time according to how viscous the liquid is.


  • Saves on space
  • Multipurpose
  • Solid construction


  • Not suitable or commercial use
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#11 GDAE10 Vacuum Sealer Machine

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The unit from GDAE10 is also another vacuum sealer machine that is worth buying. By using this equipment, you will be able to prevent your soups from mildewing when they are in the freezer.

To add to this, the lid is reinforced with silicone strips, which prevent air from entering the vacuum chamber when the pump is running.

As a result, the air that is inside the vacuum bags will be completely extracted, thus preserving the liquids.

The machine can deliver up to -0.1 MPa worth of vacuum force and also features an intelligent timer function, which allows you to apply the most appropriate vacuum time for the liquid that you want to seal.

Additionally, the manufacturer has lengthened the sealing strip to increase the surface area for maximum contact when creating the seals. As such, you won’t have to feed the bag into the machine multiple times to get a strong seal.

The other feature that is worth mentioning is that this vacuum sealer is equipped with a fully automatic system that you can operate by simply pushing a few soft-touch buttons.


  • Reliable performance
  • Good quality
  • Large vacuum chamber


  • The seal bar is prone to overheating
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can liquids be vacuum sealed?

Yes. With the right equipment, you can safely vacuum seal your liquids for future use. The machines listed above can get you started.

How long does it take to vacuum seal liquids?

This will depend on the amount of air that is inside the pouches and the efficiency of the vacuum sealer that you are using.

That being said, some vacuum sealers may take more time to extract all the air from the bags, while others may take a shorter time.

What type of vacuum sealer should I use when sealing liquids?

You can use just about any vacuum sealer provided that it is of good quality and reliable. Nonetheless, some vacuum sealers may require you to freeze the liquid before packing it in bags.

To get even better results when preserving liquids, you can consider using a chamber vacuum sealer machine.

Final Verdict

Vacuum sealing is not only meant for solid foods, but it can as well be used when preserving different types of liquids in the kitchen.

Through this, your stews will stay in good condition for months or even years depending on how they are stored.

These pieces of equipment have a straightforward design, meaning that they can be operated by just about anyone.

In addition to this, they are fitted with readouts that will keep you updated throughout the vacuum sealing process.

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