Top 11 Best Bamboo Steamers

If you love Asian cuisine, you can DIY with bamboo steamers. Like in Chinese restaurants, enthusiasts use bamboo steamers to prepare dim sum, rice, and fish at home. Ensuring the right diet plan requires having functional cookware.

With bamboo steamers, you can prepare dumplings and veggies instantly. Most commercial-grade steamers are must-haves for outlets that sell healthy foods.

When you are steaming, it’s essential to retain the nutrients in foods. Usually, smart homeowners use woven bamboo steamers to conserve the moisture and flavor during meal preparations.

The best bamboo steamers have efficient heat-trapping designs. In less than 20 minutes you can steam ingredients like chicken, leafy veggies, mushrooms, and fish. Also, these high-end bamboo steamers have tiers of stackable baskets with enough space for your culinary delight.

When you are hungry, these bamboo steamer models take less time to prepare meals. You might want your favorite bamboo streamer to have a large base.

A 10-inch diameter steamer model is an ideal choice. Its style of construction allows quick steaming of multiple food items.

With water-resistant bamboo steamers, you can preserve the quality of foods. It’s the strength of the basket’s materials that enhances this function. Generally, bamboo steamers have eco-friendly materials that are better than plastics.

Additionally, their non-stick wax paper liners will not allow food particles to stay on the linings of bamboo steamers.

You have to consider the features and designs of functional bamboo steamers before making buying decisions. Also, consider steamers with reeds that have been woven tightly.

However, these types might cause aftertaste to meals. Let’s see more features of premium bamboo steamers in the marketplace.

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11 Best Bamboo Steamers

#1. VonShef Bamboo Steamer

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This VonShef 2-tier bamboo steamer is a well-built model that comes with 50 liners and chopsticks. You can have Chinese meals at home and feel satisfied with the quality of this 10-inch kitchen accessory. It works with stockpots and ideal for making tasty couscous.

Since its made from natural bamboo wood, moisture and nutrient-retention are inevitable. You should expect the flavor of fillings in your dumplings to be perfect after using this steamer. Also, you shouldn’t worry about the number of meals to be steamed because there’s enough space.

With the double-layer design, you can steamer several food items at-a-go. Usually, the top layers of fish tend to stick with hot surfaces. VonShef steamer liners are resistant to the sticking of food particles.


  • Natural and durable bamboo wood
  • Water-resistant and 50 non-stick liners
  • Versatile applications


  • The stainless steel bands don’t have sturdy designs

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#2. Flexzion Set Of Bamboo Steamer Basket

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Apart from steaming, Flexzion makes an amazing gift idea because it helps to maintain balanced diets. You can retain vitamins and minerals during steaming and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with this set of bamboo steamer baskets.

Place the steamer in pots with boiling water or inside a wok, and see superior results. Normally, heat comes into your food through open slats and the bamboo collects the condensation. Also, the lid is tight and helps to keep food warm for a couple of hours.

You don’t need to worry about the loss of nutrients when cooking veggies and dumplings at home. Additionally, this Flexzion model comes with 50 steamer liners that are water-resistant and durable.


  • An 8-inch diameter steamer
  • It has an attractive design
  • Quality and durable craftmanship


  • When you wash with the streamer with soaps, the bamboo often absorbs the fragrance.

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#3. GUCUJI Bamboo Steamer

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This GUCUJI model comes with non-stick silicone liners that provide the right steaming experience for traditional Asian foods. If you like small chops, it might be interesting to steam buns and dumplings at home with reusable non-stick liners.

Show some culinary skills with GUCUJI bamboo steamers. As a temperature-tolerant steamer, you can prepare meals that require heat levels between -40℃ to 220℃. Also, this kitchenware contains food-grade silicone components that are easy to clean.

Since this bamboo steam is dish-washer safe, you can save time for preparing meals. Additionally, the 10-inch allows you to steam food that will last for the day’s consumption. It’s a perfect steamer model for small-scale food-processing industries.

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  • It’s made from heat-resistant materials
  • The liner is a reusable, non-stick material
  • BPA-free components


  • It doesn’t have a basket or cover.

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#4. Steami Bamboo Steamer

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Steami bamboo steamer is suitable for retaining the tastes of foods. Usually, nutritious meal enthusiasts prefer traditional steaming methods. This 10-inch model has two tiers that ensure an on-demand blend of recipes.

It comes with an attractive shape that also fits the internal spaces of woks, pots, and pans. With this design, you can steam meats, carrots, peppers, cabbage, and potatoes. Many Chinese restaurants steam seafood with this Steami steamer.

The base of the bamboo contains special parchment liners. They have non-stick properties that prevent flour dumplings from the surface of this steamer.

After using this steamer, you can clean it up and store it easily. Additionally, it comes with recipe guides for steaming vegetables, pork and soup dumplings.


  • It comes with 10 liners
  • You need a little volume of water to steam with this eco-friendly bamboo craft
  • A two-tier design that absorbs water


  • The recipe guide doesn’t contain much information.

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#5. DealzNDealz Natural Bamboo

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Do you need bamboo steamers that can retain heat and nutrients of foods for long hours? This 10-inch DealzNDealz natural bamboo steamer preserves the freshness of vegetables and dumplings.

It’s easy to clean by hand, but you should air-dry it before storing it for a long period. Apart from steaming your meals, you can enhance your style of cooking with this natural bamboo steamer.

With 2 pairs of chopsticks and this DealzNDealz veggie steamer, all are set to enjoy quick seafood, dim-sum, rice and meat in 12 minutes. You’ll receive an instructions manual and fifty wax liner papers too. Since this bamboo steamer has a space-saving design, you don’t need large storage space to use it.


  • 100% natural materials
  • A 2-two-tier steamer basket
  • It preserves the flavor and texture of food


  • The liner papers might not have reusable qualities.

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#6. Yuho Bamboo Steamer

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You can avoid bamboo steamers with the poor build quality and liner papers that can be used multiple times. With this 6-inch YUHO bamboo steamer, you can preserve the original texture of dim-sum and other foods.

It comes as a handmade craft of 2 tiers that are designed for Asian kitchens. Each steaming with these 10 food-grade parchment liner papers guarantees fresh meals.

They are well perforated for steaming and are ideal for eggs. Also, the internal diameter of this cookware has enough space for several dishes. This Asian-inspired craft is durable and doesn’t contain metal bands. Steaming with this Yuho Bamboo pot is a great way of making light-cooking for everyone.


  • It comes with 10 X premium parchment liner papers.
  • No design of metal bands
  • Preserves the original texture of meals


  • A 6–inch bamboo steamer is more suitable for personal use.

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#7. BirdRock Home Bamboo Steamer

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Steaming seafood gets easier with this 10-inch BIRDROCK HOME bamboo steamer. It comes with a Classic bamboo appeal and 2 tiers of baskets for preparing tasty meals.

There might be oils in diets that contain veggies, olives, and nuts. With this bamboo steamer, you can reduce the fat content in Asian food.

However, this durable steamer doesn’t come with glue and metal band designs. As a compact and non-toxic bamboo steamer basket, its natural material doesn’t add odor to the smell of your dishes.

Instead, the versatile design and 8.75-inch (diameter) space allow you to steam dumplings, rice, fish, and vegetables quickly. Usually, sturdy bamboo steamers are perfect crafts for nourishing steamed food.


  • It steams faster because of the internal structure
  • versatile and durable
  • It’s easy to clean


  • The internal diameter doesn’t measure to 10 inches, and the top tier is too close to the bottom of the next.

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#8. Mister Bamboo Steamer

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By using the right bamboo steamer, it could be hassle-free to prepare tamales and traditional dishes. This Mister Kitchenware bamboo cookware fits most pans and woks.

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Also, its lid has a domed bamboo-mesh style that distributes heat efficiently. Its 10-inch space, mesh liners, and double tiers help to steam ingredients and food quickly. This fantastic design provides a sustainable way of reducing oils and fats for healthy diet plans.

Additionally, the bamboo of this steamer retains moisture and doesn’t allow your meals condensation. After using this Mister dumpling steamer, you can clean with ease.

Unlike other bamboo steamers that attract food stains, the quality of this 10-inch handmade cookware is premium.


  • It’s an ideal gift idea
  • 2 tiers of easy-to-stack layers with slatted-bottom designs.
  • Impressive design and stylish handles


  • The chopsticks are a bit hard.

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#9. HAROLD IMPORT Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer

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With a 3-piece set of this bamboo steamer, you can preserve the quality of warm food during a busy day at the home. This Harold Import 10-inch bamboo steamer has an attractive design. Also, it’s a lightweight and portable kitchenware that’s resistant to heat and stain.

While you can buy the 12, 6, and 4-inch versions, these 10-inch bamboo steamer baskets help to enhance natural flavors of foods.

The steamer’s dimension is suitable with woks, rings, and pots containing water. Additionally, this steamer lid retains heat very well. It’s an ideal way of preserving buns, vegetables, dumplings, and meats for close to 2 hours.

Enjoy the freshness and flavors of healthy meals in style. With 2 baskets and a bamboo lid that locks well, you can rotate them when steaming balanced meals.


  • Tight-fitting baskets
  • Stylish craftsmanship
  • It steams with ease


  • If you don’t wear gloves, the straws of this bamboo steamer might hurt your fingers.

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#10. Gourmet Styles Bamboo Steamer

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Gourmet Styles Bamboo Steamer comes with a pair of white handles and natural bamboo baskets. This 10-inch bamboo basket and lid are easy to clean. You’ll receive 50 wax liner papers and a pair of wooden chopsticks.

As the steam rises through the bamboo steamer’s open slats, it distributes evenly. It’s ideal for steaming frozen seafood, asparagus, broccoli, and dim sum. The 2-basket design allows you to steam ingredients simultaneously.

The clearance between the steamer and these food-grade baskets is 2.5-inches. That space is enough for dumplings and veggies too.

Normally, premium bamboo steamers are durable. Since this model comes with handmade and natural bamboo, allow the steaming baskets to dry before putting them away in the kitchen cabinet.


  • A 10 inches handcraft steamer
  • Deep baskets
  • An innovative design


  • The pair of white handles don’t appear to be very sturdy.

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#11. Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Steamer

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Helen Chen offers you a well-made bamboo steamer for low-fat cooking methods. This Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen steamer comes with an 11-inch steaming ring.

You can use this steaming ring on a Dutch oven or saucepan. The 10-inch diameter of woven bamboo makes great cookware for restaurants and home kitchens. Preserving the original flavors of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese meals help them taste better than frying methods.

With these Helen Chen’s streamer baskets, you can enjoy tasty homemade dishes. It’s designed to absorb condensation and retain steam.

As an affordable and hand-woven craft, you don’t need to worry about buying expensive dishware to reheat foods. Instead, you should depend on the quality of these woven bamboo slats and relish the original texture of foods.


  • It doesn’t contain plastic or metal components
  • The 11-inch ring is made from lightweight aluminum
  • Durable construction


  • This 10-inch bamboo steamer doesn’t have handles.

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How To Maintain Bamboo Steamers

Since bamboo steamers are made from natural materials, they tend to degrade after a while. However, your maintenance culture can prevent the growth of mildews and molds on these handmade crafts.

Normally, the nutrients from poultry, dumplings, rice, seafood, and vegetables diffuse with steam. They can form stains on liners, lids, and woven bamboo slats. Here’s how to prevent or rid your favorite bamboo steamer from food stains.

Proper Cleaning

Remember that bamboo steamers are not dishwasher-safe cookware. So you should handwash and clean these crafts with vinegar. Since vinegar is a cleaning agent, it’s safe for removing odor from the steamer.

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As a natural disinfectant, vinegar and hot water work well on steamer baskets. You should soak your bamboo steamer in this solution and wipe with a piece of clean cloth until it’s clean. Use a brush when it’s necessary too.

Ensure to use clean and hot water because hard water might deposit reddish iron particles on the surface of your bamboo streamer. However, this kitchenware shouldn’t be over-soaked with water during cleaning.

Allow To Dry

When your bamboo steamer is not dry, you might see mold and mildews spreading on the surface. Before storing the basket, and lid, allow them to dry and separate them. By separating these baskets and lid, it helps their surfaces absorb cool air and they’ll dry quickly.

When steamers are have not been air-dried properly, you can clear spores of molds and mildews with vinegar, lavender, and lemon oil. Also, use soft-bristle brushes and dry cloth to clean affected bamboo steamers.


Most bamboo steamer models are stackable, but small sizes (6 to 8 inches) have space-saving designs. While the racks, lids, and baskets are detachable components, you can store them as a set of cookware.

However, avoid sealing bamboo steamers in plastic bags because of the risk of molds and mildews. Also, don’t place other cookware on top of woven bamboo streamers. Otherwise, these delicate bamboo sticks might show signs crack and reduce the durability of your steamer.

How To Use Bamboo Steamers

By over-steaming your meals with bamboo steamers, excessive heat from boiling water can lead to surface cracking of baskets. Your cookware works with woks, rings, pans, and stockpots.

You can use premium bamboo steamer by placing them on boiling water or keeping them in Dutch ovens. Usually, the heat transfers steam through the steamer’s open slats. These slats are at the base, and the design prevents steam from blowing off the lid of bamboo steamers.

There are parts of the bamboo steamer that absorbs condensation and prevents your food from absorbing excess moisture.

With excess water vapor in your food, it might ruin the taste and quality of ingredients. Also, bamboo steamers come with tiers (layers) that allow you to steam a variety of ingredients at once.

Ensure to place each non-stick parchment (wax liner) paper properly. Alternatively, you can wrap your food items in cabbage leaves to reduce the chances of sticking with the basket.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Bamboo Steamers

Generally, steaming is a perfect way of enjoying low-fat cooking and making fast foods. Chefs and smart homeowners use bamboo steamers to conserve warm foods that will not be consumed immediately.

After preparing meals, you can serve dumplings, fish, and vegetables at the dining table with bamboo steamers Also, it helps in retaining the nutrients and flavors to foods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you identify non-toxic bamboo steamers?

Usually, bamboo steamer models come with labels that indicate a 100-percent composition of natural materials.

According to this specification, the bamboo basket passes as a food-grade product. Also, ensure to use non-stick and non-toxic liner papers because they help to retain nutrients (vitamins and minerals) of food items.

What should I consider before buying a small bamboo steamer?

The bamboo steamer pot helps to enrich the flavor of foods, and it’s important to buy versatile models.

With these types, you can enjoy the taste of your seasoned food. Also, consider the design and quality of your favorite bamboo steamer because you don’t want to keep reinvesting in this kitchenware every month. A well-made steamer should be safe and sturdy.

Final Verdict

Add a sustainable method of steaming vegetables and Asian foods at home with premium bamboo steamers. All the hand-woven steamer models in this buying guide have long-lasting materials, and they can trap steam effectively.

You would like to serve guests and family members some spicy spring rolls, and dim sum at the dining table. So, get reliable and natural bamboo steamers with well-spaced slats and tiers of baskets.

Additionally, some of these steamer models come with instruction manuals that help to optimize the use of this cookware. We are confident that you’ll enjoy meals better after preparing them with these non-toxic bamboo steamers.

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