Top 11 Best Comals

In the past, Mexican natives designed traditional griddles to cook their favorite dishes. This ancient cookware was made from clay.

While the food culture has been passed to many generations, most people still use comals (comalli) on stove-top burners. These cast-iron skillets are resistant to high temperatures, and their round shapes are unique.

Although, there are rectangular types of comals that have large surface areas. It’s better to use comals that fit over dual-burner stovetops. So, you can make homemade flour tortillas, cornmeal, and dough with comals conveniently.

The comal is similar to a non-stick steel fry pan, but the former has a rough surface. However, the best comal has a ready-to-cook and pre-seasoned surface. With these types of comals, you can roast veggies and mix spices with assorted ingredients.

When the comal is hot, it’s not advisable to expose it to cold water because the difference in temperature might cause a crack on the surface. Instead, allow the comal to cool down. Proper handling of the comal is necessary when you clean it regularly.

With carbon-steel or cast-iron comals, the tendency to see rusts on the surface is high when you don’t clean it. However, a pre-seasoned comal preserves food flavors when you re-apply vegetable oil on its surface.

You should scrape off food residues with a spatula after each use and discard it when the surface is corroded. If you need quality comals, here are some that can help.

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11 Best Comal

#01. Mexican Origins Comal

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One of the impressive features of this Mexican Origins Comal is its even distribution of heat. Its heavyweight design improves the cast-iron material’s heat-retention capacity. There’s an even weight balance that prevents a tipping-over on burners during meal preparations.

You can avoid the burning of flatbreads and soft tortillas with its pre-seasoned surface. Also, its long handle comes with a hanging hook that allows you to store the cookware after each cooking session.

As a cast-iron comal with a 9.5-inch round surface, you can serve hot and ready-to-eat meals anytime. Additionally, this cookware is suitable for single-burner stovetop and ovens. Don’t worry about the ease of maintenance because it doesn’t require much effort.


  • A 9.5-Inch surface
  • Easy to store
  • Superior retention of heat


  • Some portions of the pan might have dull and rough appearances when you don’t season it with natural oils after using the comal.

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#02. Victoria Cast-Iron Comal

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Do you need tortilla griddles that can retain high temperatures for long periods? Victoria Cast-Iron Comal can preserve the warmth of your food for at least 15 minutes. Also, it retains the aroma because the round surface metal contains non-GMO flaxseed oil.

When you consider performance, this 10.5-inch cookware has superior retention of heat. Apart from its sloped surface, it comes with a long handle that offers a comfortable grip.

This quality cast-iron comal works well with ovens, broilers, grill, campfire, and induction stovetops. However, its metal surface releases concentrations of iron that enrich your diet with an essential mineral. With a durable griddle pan, you don’t need to worry about early replacements.


  • Superior heat retention
  • Pre-seasoned with Flaxseed oil
  • The pan doesn’t contain toxic materials like PTFE


  • It can’t resist temperatures that are above 450F.

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#03. IMUSA  Cast -Iron Comal

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Durable tortilla comals that are very resistant to heat are reliable cookware for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Imusa Cast-Iron Comal is suitable for cooking with firewood and open flames.

When cooking with this pre-seasoned pan, it releases Iron in trace amounts to your food. Apart from traditional meals like tortillas, you can mix quesadillas recipe with this cast-iron skillet.

Since this comal is scratch-proof, it’s the right griddle pan for outdoor cooking. Also, its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use.

It comes with a non-stick surface that allows you to apply high temperatures on food without the risk of burning them. Additionally, the cast-iron material can hold heat for long periods.

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  • A 9.5-Inch surface
  • Durable cast-iron construction
  • A high heat resistant


  • The rim of this comal is less than 1 inch, and its round surface might not hold much oil when you need to fry food ingredients.

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#04. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Comal

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Wouldn’t you like to own a comal that’s sturdy and can last a lifetime? Lodge Cast-Iron Comal has superior construction and it fits heavy-duty applications.

Since it has an amazing build quality, the heat from stovetops spreads from the base through its sidewalls. This type of cast-iron pan is great for grilling sandwiches and roasting veggies.

As versatile cookware, it releases nutritional iron during meal preparations. Also, its wide surface is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. You might observe oil bubbles on the pan and close to the handle.

However, this 10.5-inch seasoned pan is not a real non-stick surface. Since this Lodge comal model doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals, it’s ideal for cooking healthy meals.


  • An 0.5-inches (deep) pan
  • It’s ideal for slow-cooking foods
  • Versatile and rugged construction.


  • It comes with a partial non-stick surface.

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#05. Spiceberry Home Comal

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With multi-functional cookware, you can ensure quick preparation of meals. This Spiceberry Home Comal appears to have lifetime durability. However, it’s a heavyweight (9 lbs) cast-iron pan that’s designed with two side handles and a hanging hook for easy storage.

While it offers heavy-duty performance, you can make homemade pancakes and pizzas with crispy crusts. Don’t worry if you don’t have a stovetop because this Spiceberry Home Comal can be used in ovens and over open flames.

As 14-inch cookware, it’s great for preparing large amounts of ingredients. The ideal way of cleaning this low-maintenance pizza pan is by cleaning with your hands. Also, you should use a mixture of course salt and hot water (without soap) to clean this cookware.


  • 14-inch commercial-grade surface
  • High heat resistance of at least 500 degrees.
  • A versatile cookware


  • Its size is larger than regular burners.

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#06. IMUSA Carbon-Steel Comal

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A non-stick comal with a 13-inch surface is suitable for mixing shredded beef, sauce, vegetables, and other ingredients for your tasty meals. This IMUSA Carbon-Steel Comal comes with a 13.5-inch surface area and two stainless steel handles.

Apart from the convenience of using this comal, its riveted handles are sturdy and wide. Also, its non-stick surface is easy to clean after using it.

Unlike regular comals, you don’t need to use much oil when warming Fajitas and quesadillas with this IMUSA comal. However, it’s ideal for toasting sandwiches and making tortillas.

Normally, carbon-steel cookware with the great build quality is durable. With this comal model of IMUSA, you can enjoy many decades of cooking and quick meal preparations.


  • Its non-stick surface is easy to clean
  • A fast and even distribution of heat
  • Durable carbon steel construction


  • The surface might corrode when you use soapy water and heavy scrubbing after regular cleaning sessions.

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#07. GauchogrillX Budare Curado Comal

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Making crepes and tasty tortillas with non-stick comals are easier than cast-iron frying pans. This GauchoGrillX is made from aluminum alloy and pre-seasoned with organic oils.

With a proprietary blend of coconut and flaxseed oils, the non-stick surface preserves the flavor of foods when you cook. Also, this cookware is great for preparing Pizzas, Casabe, Pupusas, Cachapas, and a variety of traditional Venezuela dishes.

Apart from its polished surface, the distribution of heats to its sidewalls are faster than regular models of comals. Normally, aluminum alloys are lighter than cast-iron materials and this piece of cookware appears durable. It is not prone to rust except you use a dishwasher.


  • A 10-inch smooth surface with organic oils
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable cast-aluminum construction


  • it might not work with induction stoves because cast aluminum cookware doesn’t have ferromagnetic properties.

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#08. AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Comal

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Add well-made comals to your collection of non-stick cookware and enjoy the convenience of making French toast, eggs, and pancakes.

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This AmazonBasics Cast-iron Griddle is pre-seasoned cookware with a user-friendly handle. Also, it’s convenient to transport this comal during camping and other outdoor adventures.

Since the surface and sidewalls of this cookware distribute heat, you should get a hot-pad or potholders to lift the handle during meal preparations. It’s an oven-safe comal that resists about 500 degrees F of heat.

As a pre-seasoned and cast-iron cookware, it fits on-demand warming of naan, pizzas, tortilla, and pita. The 10.5-inch surface of this tortilla griddle requires only hand wash because it might crack when you use the dishwasher.


  • Its flat base makes flipping of food with a spatula very easy
  • It distributes heats faster than regular cast-iron griddles
  • Easy to clean surface


  • The flat surface is not smooth and might cause particles of food to get stuck.

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#09. CONCORD Stainless Steel Comal Frying Bowl Cookware

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Usually, stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean by scrubbing to remove food particles and rinsing with hot water. This model of Concord Stainless Steel Comal has a lightweight material. So, it’s easy to lift and transport from indoor to outdoor locations.

Another impressive feature is the brushed finish that comes with this craft. Since it’s easy to spot stains on this polished surface, you can wash it after each use conveniently. Also, this Comal has sturdy riveted handles and an oval base that gives its the appearance of a flying saucer.

With this unique design, it’s easy to identify your CONCORD Stainless Steel Comal is a mix of cookware. Additionally, it’s massive 22-inch surface allows you to handle commercial meal preparations for guests.


  • Every part of the flat surface is angled-down towards the oval portion
  • It’s great for stir-frying and making ready-to-eat meals on the street
  • It fits your commercial food business
  • Quality stainless steel with an easy-to-clean surface
  • A large surface area of 22 inches


  • This stainless steel material might not be thick enough to have much impact resistance.

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#10. Westinghouse Cast-Iron Comal

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This model of Westinghouse Comal is made from quality cast-iron, and it distributes heat quickly. It’s suitable for making many types of flatbreads including the base for pizzas, pita, and tortillas.

The 10.5-inch base fits stovetops with round-single burners. Also, this piece of cookware is portable. It has a built-in hole on the handle that allows for easy storage.

Apart from using this comal indoors on stovetop burners and ovens, you can set a campfire or use it in broilers. However, its pre-seasoned surface allows you to prepare on-demand meals.

While this Westinghouse Comal has superior heat retention, you just need some basic cleaning and drying procedures to optimize its maintenance.


  • It’s versatile and keeps the warmth of foods for long periods
  • It comes with some value-added features like an integrated hanging hook, and rust-proof surface
  • It distributes and retains heat very well


  • It’s not compatible with ceramic and glass stovetops.

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#11. M.D.S Cuisine Cookwares 22-Inch Comal

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Are you launching a food-selling business on the street that requires comals? You can stir-fry a variety of recipes with this M.D.S Cuisine Cookwares comal that measures 22 x 22 x 5 inches.

Since this model of Comal fits heavy-duty applications, you can heat and stir-fry steaks, pambazos, and fish anywhere. Also, it’s 22-inch stainless steel gives ample space for toasting tortillas and cooking your favorite foods.

As a lightweight (7.8lbs) stainless steel comal, it ensures faster distributions of heat across its surface metal evenly. It comes with a concave design, and the depression in the center of this comal allows you to hold much volume of oil.

Additionally, the shallow base can hold butter and other ingredients for deep-frying during meal preparations.


  • The concave base is suitable for frying fajitas, tacos, and gorditas,
  • It has a smooth stainless-steel surface
  • This material is moisture-resistant


  • A 22-inch surface might be too wide for preparing small meals.

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What To Consider When Buying A Comal

Quality Of Materials

Usually, comals are made from cast-iron materials because of impact resistance. There are aluminum alloy and stainless steel comals with impressive features, but the former often has lightweight. The strength of the material determines its sturdiness and the ease of handling your cookware.

While you don’t need very heavy comals, a 9-lbs (weight) griddle allows you to lift and transport easily. Also, pre-seasoned surfaces of comals increase resistance to rusts.

You might be disappointed with signs of rust when this pre-seasoned surface of comals is used in dishwashers. Don’t forget to grease the metallic surface of pre-seasoned comals with natural oils regularly.

The Width

A flat wand wide surface area allows you to prepare large portions of foods and mix a variety of ingredients. When you operate street food vending business, it’s important to keep the pace of meeting customers’ demands.

Normally, food vendors use 22-inch comals for commercial applications. You could use comals that have between 10 to 15 inches for home cooking and outdoor services with friends. Also, the height of the sidewall should be at least 2 inches.

A considerable height allows you to hold large portions of oils and butter during stir-fries. Usually, chefs prefer comals with concave bases because these types are suitable for frying eggs and holding large portions of oils.

Temperature Resistance

Since comals are designed to be used with high temperatures, it makes sense to use models with high-temperature resistance. The heat from stovetop burners and ovens can reach 500-degree Farenheight, and the non-stick surface of your comal should resist it.

When stainless steel and cast-iron comals distribute heat to their sidewalls, these materials can retain the warmth of foods for long periods. However, you don’t need to reduce this temperature by dipping the pan in cold water after cooking your meals. This action might lead to a crack on the surface.

Sturdy Handles

When tossing or flipping quesadillas, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Long and sturdy handles prevent your fingers from suffering fire burns. Also, you can hold heavy portions of ingredients safely.

With long handles that have integrated hanging-holes, you don’t need much space to store your comals after each use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes a comal to lose its shiny surface?

A range of factors is responsible for the loss of a comal or griddle’s shiny surface. While poor maintenance is the prominent cause, a change in temperature might affect the surface.

When you need to wash a hot comal, don’t cool the pan with cold water. Instead, placing the base on a cool surface like the kitchen’s countertop can bring down the temperature slowly.

You might see lines of cracks when you reduce the temperature of comals inappropriately. Also, it’s not advisable to wash comals with dishwashers.

While some versions of comals might be dishwasher-friendly, they could get rusty after a period. After drying the surface of your comal, rub it with vegetable oil before storing it.

How should I use my comal for the first time?

It might come with a pre-seasoned and ready-to-use surface but preheat before using it for the first time. Apply little portions of oil on the surface, and preheat it for about 3 minutes.

Don’t use a microwave oven to preheat. After this process, get a pair of hot pads and hold the handle with care.

Final Verdict

It’s often an exciting moment to use favorite comals for the first time. However, you might not forget the disappoint of comals that have inferior designs.

While we understand these expectations from customers, our 11 pre-seasoned cookware are top-rated models. You’ll not be disappointed in making this buying decision because we have compared these features with regular comals.

They have the right blend of features and rugged construction for lasting use. We recommend hand-washing of these comals because they are not dishwasher-safe. Also, it’s important to spread natural oil on the surface of your comal with a piece of cloth or paper towel before using it.

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