Sous Vide Venison Loin Recipe

Game meats can be exciting to have around the kitchen. It’s like a breath of fresh air from the ‘domesticated’ meat we are used to.

Venison loin is the back meat from deers. It tends to be tender and more flavorful than beef. It’s high in protein and low on fat making for a good dinner choice.

Sous vide is a slow cooking method that leaves the meat with all its flavors, moisture, and texture. Being naturally tender, sous vide gives venison loin justice.

It cooks the meat evenly both on the inside and on the outside. There is no risk of undercooking, overcooking, or the food getting burned.

Simply roasting the meat may overcook it due to its tender texture. You can sear or grill it for a few minutes after sous vide.

Here is a simple sous vide venison loin recipe you should try out.

Total time: 1 hour.

Will one hour really be enough? Well, yes.

Cooking venison loin takes a short while because the meat is usually very tender. The meat is softer than beef.

It does not have a lot of fat to render or collagen to break down making it cook much faster than other types of meat.

This soft meat is great paired with yam or cauliflower.


These are the ingredients you will require for this recipe:

  • Venison loin ( whole)
  • Salt (whichever type you prefer)
  • Pepper (ground black pepper adds great flavor)
  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Garlic cloves (Remove the skin)
  • Herbs (freshly picked rosemary and thyme)
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1. Preheat your water bath

Preheating makes sure that the water is at the right temperatures before you dip in your meat. This ensures that your meat will begin cooking at the right temperatures immediately after it gets in the water.

Using a sous vide precision cooker will keep the temperatures consistent as the meat cooks. Cooking temperatures should be at 54°C /129°F.

2. Prepare your meat

Slice your meat up into smaller pieces. Sprinkle the pieces with your desired amount of seasoning. The seasoning will sip through it as it slowly cooks.

3. Put the meat in a bag

Put the seasoned meat in a bag. It can be a freezer bag, a vacuum bag, or a Ziploc bag. Add in the garlic cloves too.

4. Start cooking

Your water should be heated by now. Place your bag carefully in the water.

Clamp it to the side of the pot to keep it from floating around. You can put a heavy spoon on it to keep it from floating above the water.

Make sure you set the timer to one hour. After one hour, the timer will go off and your meat will be fully cooked.

5. Sear your meat

Searing the meat gives it a nice brownish look, taste, and aroma. Take it out of the bag and sear it as you desire.

You can use a searing torch, fry in a hot pan, or you can simply fire grill it.

6. Serve or Freeze

The seared meat is now ready to serve. Slice it into smaller pieces and serve.

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If you do not plan on eating the meat right away you can simply freeze it just as it is in the bag. It will stay good for a week.

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