Sous Vide Corned Beef Recipe

Corned beef is salt-cured beef. It is from tough brisket meat, which is tenderized by slow-cooking it in brine.

The softened meat is easier to slice up for use in different recipes.

People have associated corned beef with the Irish culture for a long time. That is because they use corned beef during the celebrations of their cultural St Patrick’s Day.

This Irish tradition has gained so much popularity, and nowadays, Americans celebrate it with other parts of the world. Main St Patrick’s Day meals include corned beef and cabbage.

So if you are looking for a corned beef recipe to impress your guests during dinner or want to add corned beef to your culinary adventures, I have the perfect recipe for you.

To make it more interesting, it’s sous vide. Check it out below.

Corned beef recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Sous Vide Cook Time: 10 hours

Total Cooking Time: 10 hours 5 minutes

Serves: 6


3 pounds of corned beef (and a pickling spice packet)


Some people find store-bought corned beef to be too salty. To avoid this, first put the meat in a bowl.

Then pour water over it until it’s submerged and freeze it overnight. This process will make it less salty.

If you want to cook it right away, you can rinse the beef under tap water then use paper towels to pat it dry.

Sous vide will enable you to control the cooking temperatures for that delicious beef without losing its original texture.

You can set the sous vide machine according to any of the temperatures below. We are using the smooth slice-able temperatures in our recipe.

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185F for 7 hours – for traditional style beef.

175F for 8 hours – for less flaky, tender beef.

165F for 10 hours – for smooth slice-able beef.


Step 1

Set the sous vide machine temperatures to 165F.

Step 2

Begin by rubbing the pickling spice packet on the fatty side of the corned beef and press. Put your corned beef in a vacuum bag and seal it.

Place your sealed bag in the heated water bath and allow it to cook for 10 hours.

Step 3

Once cooked, take out the meat. Place it on a cutting board and slice it into thin layers using a sharp knife.

Alternatively, you can put it on a skillet or frying pan and sear both sides for a couple of minutes. Be careful not to overcook or burn it.

Step 4

Serve your cooked corned beef. You can serve it with cabbage or potatoes.

Use any leftovers to make some delicious Reuben sandwiches.

Step 5

Enjoy your sous vide corned beef!

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